Scent of the Missing

Scent of the Missing book cover.jpg

Scent of the Missing

by Susannah Charleson

Scent of the Missing is the autobiographical story of Susannah and her dog, Puzzle, which chronicles their journey into the world of Search and Rescue.  With the long days, hard work and heavy training involved, it’s amazing that Search and Rescue teams volunteer to find lost persons.  Puzzle and Susannah are impressive in their love and desire to help others, and this story is both heartfelt and laugh-out-loud funny. 

As Temple  Grandin says, “(a)ll dog lovers should read this book.” 

Dog Park Etiquette - The stuff of good times...for all

Alice waits eagerly for Alex to throw her ball at the river near Alton Baker Park in Eugene.A Dog Park can be the best part of a sunny Sunday afternoon or the only place it’s possible to let your apartment-dwelling pup run.  

Either way, there are some important basics that, followed by all park users, help everyone have a great time at the park.

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd

Interesting Fact: The German Shepherd is one of the most registered breeds, possibly thanks to their loyal and protective characteristics.  In the U.S. he may be best recognized as a police dog, while his original purpose was herding and protecting sheep.

Personality: Considered the third most intelligent breed, the GSD craves a challenge.

Getting fit for competition

Getting fit for competition

Last month we discussed getting your eye and brain in shape in preparation for the big upcoming competition — the annual OHS photography contest.   If you win Editor’s Choice in the OHS contest you’ll get a free spot in one of my live classes.  I hope you’ve been looking at lots of photos that inspired you, and now have some images you’re excited to share with the world. 

If you’re considering entering a competition or submitting images for publication you’ll want to narrow your choices to those that convey a transcendent emotion or experience.  You want your photo to make an impact on a judge who doesn’t know you or your subject. 

Life is a Highway...Let's Roll!

Destination: Central Oregon

It’s the time of year when many start planning vacations and little getaways.  When looking for a great place to truly unwind, pamper yourself, or to seek high adventure, one of the most popular choices is Central Oregon, home to a handful of worthy destinations including Bend, Sunriver, La Pine, Prineville and Sisters. 

These mountain retreats beckon rock climbers, river rafters and hikers, as well as golfers, spa dwellers and the art-and-wine set.  And whichever category a vacationer may fit, one belief held dear by many is that no vacation is complete without their numero-uno traveling companion, the dog.  Fortunately, this area is geared to pets, so many accommodations and recreational opportunities are, too.

Going Holistic - It sounds good, but what does it really mean?

Organic . . . GMO . . . All-Natural . . . Free Range. . . No Preservatives . . . Toxin-Free  

These terms may seem like marketing buzzwords, smattering the labels on everything from pet food to toys, health treatments and more, but in fact their purpose is to help consumers know what is actually in the products they buy.  But what, exactly, are we looking for?

Everyone wants what’s best for their pets, and when asked to choose a food with no added fillers and pure ingredients over a product that makes no such claim, most will want the more natural choice.  But what do these words really mean, and how does one make the best choices for their pets?