Rescue Me Tyson.jpg

Hi there! My name is Tyson. I’m a young guy looking for a fresh start. I’m all recovered from a recent surgery on my knees and I’m bouncing at the thought of a new forever home. I love cuddles and pets and squeaky toys. I’m kennel trained, but I’m also good just to hang out when you’re gone. My foster parents say I’m being a good boy with the kitties here. I’d probably be good with a calm dog friend, but I can’t do too much roughhousing because of my new knees. And please no kids: I’m just too nervous for their noises and wiggles. Let’s be friends and curl up on the couch. I’ll be your best buddy! Come meet me at AnimalAidPdx.org.

Liono and Lilly

Rescue Me Liono and Lilly.jpg

How about twice the love! We’re 10-year-old siblings seeking a loving indoor home for retirement. We’re both lovebugs who don’t mind kids or dogs, but prefer to be the only cats. Lily has a wheat allergy, but otherwise we’re low maintenance and very healthy. So, how about a two-fer? We’re at Cat’s Cradle Rescue, 503-320-6079.


Rescue Me Myles.jpg

I’m 6.9 lbs, and that’s the only thing small about me! People use a big word for me: Hilarious! Since I don’t have teeth, nobody can tell my exact age, but it’s between 10-15 years. I take I love lounging on laps, but like to sleep in my own bed. I take thyroid medicine, but the doc says I’m otherwise tip-top, including my hearing and vision. I long for a fun, laid-back family. Please come meet me! I’m with StMartinsAnimalRescue.org, 503-857-5047.

Mr. Socks

Rescue Me Mr Socks.jpg

I’m about 5, and I've spent most of my life in a car. Maybe that’s why my motor is always running! My past was a little rough, but I clean up well — see my tuxedo? I’m very social and will entertain you when you get the laser toy. I’m also happy to snuggle with you on the couch. Come meet me! I’m at Cat’s Cradle Rescue, 503-320-6079.


Rescue Me Dixie.jpg

Well hello! I’m an active, playful 5-year-old Pit Bull. At 48 pounds, I’m only small in stature — my ears and personality are big! I really love toys and playtime, and sometimes people think I get too exuberant. I need an easygoing family with lots of love and toys who want an only pet. Please come meet me at MultCoPets.org, 503-988-7387.


Rescue Me Mabel.JPG

I’ve been told my purr can be heard in outer space, where NASA uses it to welcome distant travelers to our galaxy! With this galactic fame, I want to be the sole object of your feline affections. Otherwise, I’m a down-to-earth girl who loves cuddles. Okay, food ranks a close second, though I’m on a bland diet for my tummy. I was found abandoned with my kittens. I look like a kitten myself, but I’m around three and wise beyond my years. Please come meet me at AnimalAidPDX.org, 503-292-6628.


Rescue Me Endora.jpg

Hiya! Are you an experienced cat person who loves finicky, quirky feline traits? Yes? My friend, let’s talk. I’m an active, 2-year-old Siamese mix. I play. A LOT. I give love bites and often paw or bat people when I want to play, so I need a calm, low-traffic home with no small children or dogs, where I can stay busy. Please contact my buddy at animalcare@multco.us or 503-988-7387 and let’s make a date!


Rescue Me Suzy.jpg

I bet you’ve been thinking you’d like a new friend — preferably a Jack Russell with wisdom and maturity. I’m Suzy, and I’m your girl! I’m 12, and 11 pounds of canine cuddles. I was adopted once and got returned — I just didn’t get along with the other dog. A lady has opinions. I spend time in staff offices at Greenhill, and they say I’m a very good girl! If you’re looking for a fabulous only pet, please come meet me at Green-hill.org, 541-844-1777.


Rescue Me Precious.jpg

How’d I get a name like Precious? By being a great lap cat with impeccable manners! I’ve spent most of my life in a wonderful loving home. They were sad when they couldn’t care for me anymore, but I’m a staff favorite here, so I’m getting lots of loves while I wait for you. I’m 15, and have never lived with other dogs or cats. Please meet me at Green-hill.org, 541-844-1777.


Rescue Me Star.jpg

I’m a snuggly 15-year-old looking for a mellow home where I can get lots of loves and care for my aging kidneys. Thanks to Maddie’s Fund, I come with a year of blood tests, a start-up supply of food, medicine, supplements, a heated bed, and stairs to help me get up on your bed for snuggles. We could be forever friends! CatAdoptionTeam.org, 503-925-8903.