Maggie is a sweet 8 year old mixed breed who is looking for her forever family. She would do best in a quieter home where she can relax and lie around the house. Maggie enjoys walks and outdoor adventures as long as it’s not too physically draining. Once she warms to you, she loves to cuddle.


Maggie needs to meet any potential canine friends at the shelter before going home with them and should have a slow introduction to any cat siblings. This gentle older girl is a great low maintenance family dog very deserving of love!


If you are interested in adopting a dog, or would like to learn more about adding a dog to your family, please visit 1st Avenue Shelter.


1st Avenue Shelter is open for adoptions and visits Tues. – Sat., 10 am – 6 pm (closed Sun. & Mon.) at 3970 W. 1st Avenue in Eugene. For more information call (541) 844.1777 or visit

Spotlight on...The Schipperke


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Size:  Small 10-16 lbs

Grooming needs:  Medium, Heavy Seasonal Shedder

Exercise:  High

Environment:  Indoor, Fenced Yard

Temperament:  Intelligent, Mischievous, Active

Life Expectancy:  15 years 

Interesting Fact: The Schipperke is a Belgian breed that dates back several hundred years. Originally sheep herders, they were later used as a ratter on barges. Schipperke means “little captain” in Flemish.

Appearance: This distinctive dog is small with a thick sloping body, typically with a docked tail in the US. They have small eyes, erect ears, and a foxlike face.  Their dense coat features a large ruff of fur around the neck and a strip of hair trailing toward the rear. Their double coat is either black or blonde.

Personality: The Schipperke is very curious, active and alert. This pup wants to be involved in all family activities, but is also very independent, following his own interests. Highly intelligent, this dog needs activity to stay occupied to prevent excessive barking or destructive chewing or digging. Schipperkes are excellent watch dogs, who happily alert bark and are suspicious of strangers.

Common Health Problems: Usually a hardy and long-lived breed, occasional health issues include eye problems (cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy), hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or hypothyroidism.



Best Match: The Schipperke will do well with an active household that will include him whether they are hiking or watching a movie. Good with children, this always busy dog thrives on athletic activities and interactive games. Agility courses and food dispensing toys are right up their alley.

For outdoor time it’s best to keep this dog on a leash or in a fenced yard.  Due to their creativity and propensity to chase small animals, they may get over a fence so are best supervised. 

The Schipperke pet parent doesn’t mind a heavy seasonal shedder who needs brushing two or three times a week. Twice yearly the entire soft undercoat will shed and they must be brushed daily during this period.  

Not the best match for a first-time dog owner, Schipperkes have a strong temperament and can be challenging to train.  

Featured Adoptable: Evelyn is a 10 lb, 8-year-old Schipperke/Terrier mix active on the go dog. Adjusting to city life, she is a fast learner and loves daily walks, small forest hikes or trips, and the beach. She also loves other dogs and gets along with the young cat in her foster home. She is confident, sweet, full of life, and ready for her forever family! To meet her, contact the Pixie Project at


Megan Noes lives in New York City, with her husband, Jacob, Frenchie Bulldog, Nono, and a revolving door of foster kittens. She works for a major animal welfare organization and loves her former home in the Pacific Northwest.  


RM Tyson2.jpg

Hi there! I’m a young guy looking for a new beginning with a family of my own. I had a rough start at life, and it’s left me wary of strangers and sensitive to too much handling. Once I get to know you I bond quickly, and love being petted. No kids though, please: They are loud, fast, and make me very anxious. I am fine with the cats in my foster home, and might do okay with a calm dog, but no kids please. I love a good squeaky toy! I’m kennel trained, but I’m also great just hanging out while you’re gone. I'm newly recovered from double knee surgery and bouncing up and down at the thought of meeting you!  Please contact Animal Aid and let’s make a date! 503-292-6628.


RM Kylo.jpg

Hi there! I’m Kylo, a gentle boy who wears my heart on my . . . nose! I may need a little time and patience to feel comfortable, but once I do, I’ll reward you with purrs and kneads. I love chin and ear scratches, belly rubs, and sleeping under blankets. While I get along well with other cats and dogs, it’s you that I want for my furever Valentine. Please let’s meet! I’m at Cat’s Cradle Rescue, 503-320-6079.


RM Smokey.jpg

I spent the first 12 years of my life in the same environment until I found myself without a home. But I've adjusted well to my foster home with dignity and grace. I'm a gentle girl who gets along well with my housemates. I love chin scratches, tummy rubs, and curling up in sunbeams. All I want is your love and attention. Will you grow old along with me? I'm at Cat's Cradle Rescue 503-320-6079. 



ABRACADABRA! Marvelous Mystic here to brighten your day! I'm an energetic girl looking for a partner who loves water, tossing the ball and hiking — with a great girl like me by your side! Don’t worry, I love to relax as well, but couch potatoes need not apply. I need to be the only pet at home, and with kids or older only. So whattya say!  Let’s meet up and make the most of these beautiful fall days!  I can wait to meet you!  Please call 503-988- or visit to learn more about me — I’m the pretty redhead that everyone at the shelter says is their favorite (wink!)


RM Mabel.jpg

I’m Mabel, a sweet, petite girl who will have your heart at first purr. I was originally found abandoned with my kittens in a field. Though I may look like a kitten myself, I’m around two years old and wise beyond my years. I’m a down-to-earth girl who loves nothing more than being with my people. Well . . . maybe food (wink!) though I am on a bland diet to keep my tummy in balance. I’m very adoring and love lap time and hope to be the only kitty in my new family. Please come meet me!  I’m at Animal Aid, 503-292-6628.

Marin and Chrissy

RM Marin and Chrissy.jpg

These lovely girls have grown up together, so they’re a package deal. They both love curling up on the cat tree and looking out the window. Chrissy (Calico) is more outgoing, and will solicit cuddles, and chin scritches. Marin is a little more shy, but warms up once she gets to know you. She loves being petted while eating, and purrs up a storm! Meet this bonded pair at Cat’s Cradle Rescue 503-320-6079.


Rescue Me Tyson.jpg

Hi there! My name is Tyson. I’m a young guy looking for a fresh start. I’m all recovered from a recent surgery on my knees and I’m bouncing at the thought of a new forever home. I love cuddles and pets and squeaky toys. I’m kennel trained, but I’m also good just to hang out when you’re gone. My foster parents say I’m being a good boy with the kitties here. I’d probably be good with a calm dog friend, but I can’t do too much roughhousing because of my new knees. And please no kids: I’m just too nervous for their noises and wiggles. Let’s be friends and curl up on the couch. I’ll be your best buddy! Come meet me at

Liono and Lilly

Rescue Me Liono and Lilly.jpg

How about twice the love! We’re 10-year-old siblings seeking a loving indoor home for retirement. We’re both lovebugs who don’t mind kids or dogs, but prefer to be the only cats. Lily has a wheat allergy, but otherwise we’re low maintenance and very healthy. So, how about a two-fer? We’re at Cat’s Cradle Rescue, 503-320-6079.