Furry Fun Planner for Oct. 24-31

 Spot Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Jennifer McCammon gives the Furry Fun Planner Report live every Thursday evening at 6:05 on KPSU Radio’s Fathers, Mothers and Families show with Jim Whinston.  Listen to the broadcast at 98.1 FM or online at KPSU.org.

This week Jennifer highlights National Pit Bull Awareness Day and talks about a special Bully Walk from 4-6pm at Directors Park in downtown Portland this Saturday followed by festivities and a candlelight vigil to honor dogs who have been lost due to BSL legislation. Details for this special Bully Walk can be found at the Portland Pit Bull Parade Facebook Page.

Jennifer also gives a shout out to several other events including a Puppy Romp at Oregon Humane, a volunteer orientation at Multnomah County Animal Services, a two-day seminar with Kelley Bollen at Clackamas Community College hosted by Clackamas County Dog Services, a graduation ceremony at Guide Dogs for the Blind in Boring, and a SuperHero Halloween Party at Furever Pets. There are also two fundraisers happening this weekend: a Cute Critters in Costumes photo shoot at Western Supply benefitting AnimalAidPDX and a Bond For Bullys casino night at the Q Center for Lovers Not Fighters Pit Bull Rescue. Also, the Pongo Fund Food Bank is open this Sunday and also on Sunday there will be another Animal Community Talks at Healthy Pets NW. This free discussion has speakers Joyce Beithan talking about canine nosework and Kelly Ballen is going to show how chicken training helps trains dogs! 

Jennifer also teases a new Spot food drive to benefit the Pongo Fund in the month of December, so watch this space!

See more about all of these events on our Events page here at SpotMagazine.net!