Furry Fun Planner for Nov 8 thru 14


Spot Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Jennifer McCammon gives the Furry Fun Planner Report live every Thursday evening at 6:05 on KPSU Radio’s Fathers, Mothers and Families show with Jim Whinston.  Listen to the broadcast at 98.1 FM or online at KPSU.org.

This week Jennifer highlights a whole slew of activities including a Protect your Pet Clinic at the Humane Society of SW Washington, the 13th Annual Pretty Kitty Holiday Crafts Bazaar at TaborSpace benefitting House of Dreams, and a Born Again Pit Bull Rescue Meet and Greet at Sellwood Dog Supply. The Rabbit Advocates will be on hand at the Tigard PetCo with some bunnies to love, there is a Memorial Art Therapy Workshop happening at DoveLewis and over at the Kennedy School another Animal Community Talks will present Dr. Christopher Pachel and Dr. Kristin Sulis to talk about animal behavior and health issues. Also, in honor of our Veterans, Crossroads Veterinary Hospital in Sherwood is offering free vaccines to the pets of veterans this weekend.

Jennifer also serves a couple of Circle the Dates, mentioning an upcoming Volunteer Orientation at Multnomah County Animal Shelter and a Waggy Hour benefitting OHS at Lexi Dog on Macadam.

Learn more about all of these happenings and more on our Events page here at SpotMagazine.net!