Good Neighbor Vet Furry FunPlanner Report for Dec. 3

Spot’s Editor and Publisher Jennifer McCammon gives the Good Neighbor Vet Furry Fun Planner Report, on KPSU Radio’s Fathers, Mothers and Families show with Jim Whinston. 

The report begins with an event happening tonight – the annual Service of Remembrance, celebrating the human/animal bond and beloved pets no longer with us.

Other highlights include Pet Portraits with Santa for the Humane Society for SW Washington, the Santa Claws & Kitty Paws cat show, Forever Home for the Holidays adoption event at Clackamas PetSmart featuring dozens of local rescues and hundreds of adoptables, and a Winter Tail photo shoot event for Animal Aid among others.

Jennifer finishes up the report by talking about Purrington’s Cat Lounge, a cafe where you can hang out with adoptable cats in a living-room style environment.

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