Good Neighbor Vet Furry FunPlanner Report for 11-17-16

Spot’s Editor and Publisher Jennifer McCammon gives the Good Neighbor Vet Furry Fun Planner Report, on KPSU Radio’s Fathers, Mothers and Families show with Jim Whinston. 

A full roster of fun events for pets and their peeps this weekend.  Highlights include House of Dreams 15th Annual Pretty Kitty Holiday Craft Bazaar, Santa photos at Salty’s and Fang & Feather, a Harvest Party at Personal Beast for Portland Guinea Pig Rescue, Portland Pit Bull Parade’s monthly Bully Walk and the Pixie Party among many others mentioned.

At the end of the broadcast, Jennifer gives great advice on the importance of not sharing Thanksgiving food items with the pets for their health and safety this holiday season.

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