Good Neighbor Vet Furry FunPlanner Report for May 25, 2017

Spot’s Editor and Publisher Jennifer McCammon gives the Good Neighbor Vet Furry Fun Planner Report, on KPSU Radio’s Fathers, Mothers and Families show with Jim Whinston.

As with a holiday weekend, events are light but some this weekend are a Protect Your Pet Clinic with Good Neighbor Vet at Clackamas County Dog Services, Mollie Hunt of the Crazy Cat Lady mystery books will be doing a talk on her favorite subject – cats, and a tail-wagging good time fundraiser for Family Dogs New Life Shelter.

Jennifer lets everyone know to keep in mind that it will be hot this weekend and to never leave pets in the car and to walk them in the early morning or late afternoon.  She also gives a list of some of the highest ranking pet-friendly places to take your pet in the area if you would like to get out and about.  The complete list can be found at this link.

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