Stock Up While It’s on Sale!

The holiday season’s approaching and retailers know it!  As families and friends gather for festive feasts, grocery and retail stores are marking down items that often form the foundation of those feasts but they can also help sustain you should disaster strike.

Whether it’s a winter storm, extended power outage, or evacuation following a nearby chemical spill or major natural event such as an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, or hurricane, it’s not a matter of if, but when something will happen; something that will impact you and those you love including your four-legged friends!

I encourage and challenge you to start a new tradition this holiday season.  Take advantage of seasonal savings to gather shelf-stable staples and other supplies to begin (or replace outdated items) in your emergency supply kit.  Pre-Thanksgiving sales often feature canned veggies and other culinary supplies.  At the same time, other retails are marking down blankets and comforters – also useful to have on hand in an emergency.  You’ll soon find making goods on sale with the greatest discounts the week before Christmas.

You may make this an annual event and plan to restock supplies each winter by cycling out food items before they expire and go bad (and what a great time to donate them to a local food bank!), or… plan to stock up on various items throughout the year based on the savings you find at different times.  For example:

  • In January you’ll find coats, scarves, gloves, hats, and boots marked down.
  • In June hardware and home fix-it tools and materials are discounted.
  • BBQ and picnic foods go on sales in July.
  • Fresh produce is least expensive in August – which is useful if canning, drying, and the like is your deal – followed by canned food in September if you aren’t inclined to do-it-yourself.

Of course, this blog is all about the animals so each year as you’re watching sales and stocking your go-kit, be sure you’re giving equal attention to gathering extra food, water, medication, etc. for your furry and feathered friends as well!

Jo Becker is a Portland, Oregon-based speaker and freelance writer.  A seasoned presenter, she’s given animal-related talks since 2012.  Jo’s classes on preparedness (Animals-In-Disaster) and critter body language (Deciphering Doggie Dialects, Cracking the Kitty Code, & Honing Your Horse Sense) offer unique perspectives and practical resources. 

Jo takes an entertaining, personable approach to a ‘doom and gloom’ subject, empowering audiences to consider why and how to prepare for the unexpected and to better communicate with furry friends during good times and bad.

As a dedicated pet mom and surrogate livestock handler when neighbors are away, Jo is passionate about disaster planning for the entire family including our nonhuman friends.

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