A Perfect (If Unexpected) Fit

Last month a colleague in the animal industry asked me to write a blog – what turned out to be my first ever – in honor of National Pet Preparedness Month.  “National what?” I thought.

There is, it seems, an honorary day, week, or month set aside to celebrate, commemorate, or bring awareness to nearly anything and everything.  There is, for example, Social Petworking Month and National Dog Party Day (both also in June), National Cook for Your Pets Day (November), and National Answer Your Cat's Question Day (January), to name just a few.

As someone who’s always had an erratic schedule, I’ve never taken much stock in various holidays – even some of the supposedly big ones.  In the past I was just as likely to be working or snug at home with some project than vacationing, BBQ’ing, or hitting the sale du’jour. 

But this month’s awareness holiday perfectly suits my new career.  The day after Christmas I spontaneously made a decision that had been brewing for years.  I left a nonprofit I’d called home for 10 years that was dedicated to civil rights in housing, bringing an end to nearly 20 years in the housing industry, in order to follow another passion I’d been nurturing since 2005.  In January I launched a business helping households and jurisdictions prepare for the unexpected focused on animals big and small, including awareness level animal body language training for fellow humans. 

So, you see, June’s little known holiday fits my career choice perfectly.  It fits so well it’s prompted my second (ever!) blog post here and spurred this new, regular feature at Spot Magazine.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.  Next month’s will offer ‘the rest of the story’ hinted at my article, ‘Tips for Safety and Sanity for the 4th of July’ in Spot Magazine’s Jun. / Jul. print edition http://spotmagazine.net/news/tips-for-safety-and-sanity-on-the-4th-of-july.  There was much more to that loose bull story!

In the meantime, visit www.felinebehaviorsolutions.com/disaster-preparedness-pets/ to read my inaugural blog, including tips and recommendations for National Pet Preparedness Month.

Jo pictured with BaBa the Black Sheep 

Jo pictured with BaBa the Black Sheep 

Jo Becker is a Portland, Oregon-based public speaker, consultant, and freelance writer.  A seasoned presenter, she’s given animal-related talks since 2012.  Jo’s Animals-In-Disaster and animal body language presentations offer unique perspectives. 

Jo takes an entertaining, personable approach to a ‘doom and gloom’ subject, empowering audiences to consider why and how to prepare for the unexpected and better communicate with furry friends during good times and bad.

As a dedicated pet mom and surrogate livestock handler when neighbors are away, Jo is passionate about disaster planning for the entire family including our nonhuman friends.

Learn more at www.JoBecker.weebly.com