Make a Lost Flyer Now

If you saw Spot Magazine’s Aug. / Sep. ‘Back to School’ print edition you may have seen my ‘Student Assembly’ piece on Sep. as National Preparedness Month

That article included one of my favorite prep. tips – numbering your emergency go-kit supplies in order of importance to you.  Here’s another of my most popular tips:  Make a ‘lost’ flyer now, before you need it.

This suggestion can serve you well in good times (no disaster in progress, someone simply left the gate or your front door open and your Lil’ Loved One slipped out) as well as bad (a major storm hit the area; a downed tree compromised your fence or home and your Lil’ Babe is gone).

For several tips on an effective flyer, including what kind of pictures to use, where to store the flyer, and more check out the video I made on this very subject with my local fire district at (do a Ctrl+F on your keyboard to search for “Day 10” or “pet." or click here.

Do us a favor and become a follower!  Clackamas Fire District has 22 of these gems – one each weekday for the month of Sep.  You won’t want to miss a single one!  If, as they get shuffled down in the chronology if facebook posts, you can find them archived here  The one on ‘lost flyers,’ as well as additional resources are also available at

Jo Becker is a Portland, Oregon-based speaker and freelance writer.  A seasoned presenter, she’s given animal-related talks since 2012.  Jo’s classes on preparedness (Animals-In-Disaster) and critter body language (Deciphering Doggie Dialects, Cracking the Kitty Code, & Honing Your Horse Sense) offer unique perspectives and practical resources. 

Jo takes an entertaining, personable approach to a ‘doom and gloom’ subject, empowering audiences to consider why and how to prepare for the unexpected and to better communicate with furry friends during good times and bad.

As a dedicated pet mom and surrogate livestock handler when neighbors are away, Jo is passionate about disaster planning for the entire family including our nonhuman friends.

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