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Here’s what we love . . .

Most agree on the problems with kitty litter.  It’s messy.  It smells.  It doesn’t clump.  The clumps fall apart when scooped.  It leaves kitty litter footprints.

And these are just layman’s complaints.  What about veterinary concerns?  Kitties in hospitals may have wounds vulnerable to infection or irritation by contact with traditional cat litters.  But what else is there?

Here’s what we love . . .

OrthoVet’s splint products can stave off expensive surgery and support faster healing

As pet owners most of us despair of our canine or feline companion ever sustaining an orthopedic injury.  Not only do we cringe at the pain our friend is suffering, but also over the high cost for treatment or surgery. 

OrthoVet of Vancouver, WA, offers an alternative for some injuries that can cost much less than — and in some cases eliminate the need for — surgery. 

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This month we decided to just have fun and try out some toys!

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