What's going on


These past few years the publishing and advertising industries have changed dramatically, making it necessary to reconfigure the model upon which Spot was built.  So the Spot crew has been hard at work doing just that in an effort to keep Spot healthy and able to deliver the content you count on — news and resources for health, food, behavior, recreation, animal welfare and rescue, and the great stories and photos that abound in life with animals. 

I’m sharing with you today to keep you close and in the loop, and to make sure you understand the things we’re doing and why — including tests and changes that might otherwise be misunderstood. 

Spot has always been a labor of love, and not an endeavor through which anyone would ever “get rich” . . . except for this:  the amazing rewards we experience in connecting with and serving animal lovers and those working with animals in need, and the pure joy of celebrating our funny, faithful, amazing best friends. 

As we move ahead you’ll see changes in distribution, page count and online development.  Please know that every change we test or make is designed to strengthen Spot’s sustainability.  We love Spot, and we know you do, too.  You tell us all the time!  Please grant us grace and patience as we work to ensure Spot’s survival.

As always, we consider you, our reader, the boss.  Please know your ideas and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Shoot me a note anytime at publisher@spotmagazine.net.

And while this is not a crisis, if you would like to support Spot’s efforts to serve you and the animal welfare community, donations can be made to “Team Spot” at PO Box 16667 Portland OR 97292.

While it feels strange to talk about such things, our world is changing, and partnerships like this are becoming more common as companies like Spot navigate an ever-changing “new normal.”

If you’d like to contribute and would like to receive something in return beyond the satisfaction of helping, let us know you’d like some space in the magazine — to celebrate or memorialize a beloved pet, broadcast a birthday, announce a new arrival, help an adoptable in need of a loving family, or whatever creative thing you might want to share with your fellow 33,000 pet-loving readers (Spot online reaches up to 200,000 more).

Thank you for letting me share openly with you today.  Here’s to life in the Northwest, blessed with amazing friends, fabulous animals, and you — our treasured reader.

Here’s to many years ahead . . . together! 

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