We ARE the village

  J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

While building certain issues of Spot, the love flows, fun prevails, and the space is a special kind of sacred.  This was one.  Packed with good stuff, this issue celebrates The Pongo Fund, and kicks off a food drive presented by Spot, Bi-Mart, and local businesses.  Click here for a participating business near you, then pop in during December, sponsor a bag for Pongo, and get a Tshirt!

Worthy causes unify us in labors of love that, while blessing others, bless those making it happen as much or more.  If you sponsor a bag for Pongo, Thank you!  And please thank the participating business for their contribution — we couldn’t have done this without them.

Thomas Peck and his dog Von were Pongo’s 5 millionth “meal,” and Thomas generously shares their story here, an extraordinary tale of moving from poverty/unemployment to an active, purposeful life.  That’s thanks to the countless people like Debbie, who you’ll meet in a sec, and organizations like The Pongo Fund and “Hawaii Fi-do,” who you’ll meet in Thomas’s story.  Each serves as a bridge, helping people like Thomas rise from dark “befores” to shining “afters.”

So Debbie, who brought Sunset Credit Union into the food drive, excitedly ticked off her to-do’s for it, while also chatting happily about juggling visits to “her” 15 dogs during Fences For Fido’s Fall Spritzer, in which volunteers will check on every one of the more than 500 dogs they’ve unchained, making sure they’re still doing well.  Debbie happily reported that she has toys, treats and flea medicine “for ALL of them!”

Listening to Debbie and smiling ear to ear, I flashed … on the Grinch … whose heart “grew three sizes that day.” 

You can be a bridge, too.  If you’re not already, give it a try!  Everyone, from our county shelters to small in-home rescues, is doing amazing work.  And while we’re all busy beyond good sense, as Spot’s beloved Angie Brown says, if everyone did just a LITTLE BIT, the impact would be HUGE!  She’s right.  And I promise you:  doing even a small something could easily be your greatest gift this season, both given and received.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Spot!  Here’s to our growing village, and a blessed new year!