Introducing . . . your 2013 Top Dogs!


I LOVE THE TOP DOG AWARDS!  And it is with great pleasure I give you “The Best in the Biz” 2013 by popular vote.  Every year the ballots are open for 90 days, July-September, during which pet lovers are encouraged to vote on their favorite pet businesses and professionals in 31 categories.  The result is the Best in the Biz Directory inside this issue, listing the winners 1st-3rd place, and highlighting a few particularly noteworthy accomplishments.  I hope you enjoy getting acquainted with these winning businesses. 

The Directory is a “pull-out,” with heavy covers that make it easy to pull out and save, and sturdy enough to endure use throughout the year.  After reading your regular Spot content, just peel off and recycle the outer pages and keep the Directory handy for use and sharing.  Providing the next best thing to a referral from a friend for pet products and services, it’s a strong statement when over three thousand pet lovers put a business at the top! 

This year 3,095 pet lovers voted, and with that many, competition was fierce.  Ultimately it became clear that any business making the cut to the Top 10 had earned a stamp of excellence.  See the Top 10 in every category on Spot’s website, and get better acquainted with the First Place winners on Spot’s Facebook page in the weeks ahead.  We’ll be shining the spotlight on them there as well as on Spot’s new website, launching this month. 

While you’re there, please comment on and ‘share’ your favorite businesses.  I’d love it, and your Top Dogs will really appreciate it.   Not only is it a great way to give winners a little more love, it’s also a great way to help fellow pet parents gain insight on local options for outstanding products and services.  If you have a video involving a winner, please send it in and we’ll share that too. 

All of these things help make the most of the Top Dog experience, providing much-deserved support to our amazing local businesses. 

Huge thanks to all of you who voted!  And heartfelt gratitude to those who made this year’s Directory possible —the businesses whose ads appear inside.  Please check them out as well — they are pet lovers all, and without them Spot would not be possible.  Thank you!

To all of our Top Dogs this year, Great Job, and CONGRATULATIONS!

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