More reasons to smile

  J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

We’ve had a new addition at our house since last fall — a Boxer/Ridgeback mix named Roxy, who’s about 12 years old.  This little girl is now our big girl — her new “sisters” are Scout, Peach and Lula, who range in size from 7 to 15 lbs tops.  Roxy weighs in at 65.  And she’s tall.

So many things about this girl make me smile — her tender heart and sweet ways, her protective nature, and . . . among my favorites:  her near-constant smiling energy. 

A few weeks ago something was tugging at my brain over a little routine that was “all Roxy.”   When she saw me approach the top of the stairs to go down, she’d position herself just below the top step, crouched like a sprinter at the blocks, locked and loaded for flight.  Eyes straining forward, she’d eagerly lean, her turbos impatient to roar.  But she’d wait . . . 'til the moment she was certain we were going down.

I frequently multitask, and often I’ll head toward the stairs only to hit the top and spin at the last second, remembering something I wanted to take down, or do before going.

There she’ll be, in her cliff-hanging / starting block position, waiting.  Trembling slightly with eagerness, she snaps her head back frequently, watching for the signal.  Finally, detecting a certain cue I’m not even aware of, she decides we’re really going down and — BOOM! — she’s off like a rocket, all hunched over, long legs high-stepping, and chortling.  I swear, she chortles!

Roxy’s body can make me laugh even at rest.  Her legs are totally spidery to me, especially when she lolls on her back, begging for belly rubs by flailing them, looking like a praying mantis might if a praying mantis begged for belly rubs.  Her funny bat-like ears are crimped at the tips, and her beanbag of a cottontail bump (in place of more common tails) makes for quite “a swing on her back porch.”

All this back-story is to get to this crazy little thing I wanted to share with you. 

A few weeks ago Roxy’s routine on the stairs started bugging me.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it reminded me of something — something very specific.  Days passed, Roxy’s antics continued, and it  Just. Kept. Bugging. Me!  I could not figure out what shadow image played just out of my mind’s reach whenever she did this. 

Then finally one day — snap! — I got it.  Roxy’s routine is an impersonation of NBA star Dikembe Mutombo!  Specifically, his recent shot-blocker ad for Geico (see it on Youtube by searching “Dikembe Mutombo Geico ad”).

In the loping, humpbacked rascally romp that’s goofy and filled with Dikembe’s odd gargly laughter, I see my funny girl . . .

. . . and it’s one more little thing . . . among, oh, a million or so . . . that makes me smile and adore her even more. 

Yours in everything pet,

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