For the love of paws...

  Mah Peach...every bit a Cosmo Kramer

Mah Peach...every bit a Cosmo Kramer

Talking with a close friend recently, she said, “I just realized:  it doesn’t matter where I am — walking, driving, whatever — if I see a dog, it makes me happy.  Instantly.  Every time.” 

She continued to muse in this vein, but you get the gist. 

Her thoughts stayed with me, and fueled my own, taking me as far back as my childhood,  to moments with animals I’ve loved — even some I knew for just fleeting moments. 

… I thought about the fact that for nearly 13 years I’ve been roused from slumber by a sound I call “slappin’ leather” — the music my diminutive but big-eared dogs make when they wake and vigorously shake their heads.  Seconds later they nuzzle their good mornings.  A magical thing about these moments is that, other than the sound of slappin’ leather and my own “good-mornings,” they unfold in a unique, quiet joy.

I thought about my late-great Wolf the cat who behaved like a dog.  He had at least nine sitting postures — a Buddha pose for guarding naptime, a sloe-eyed lounge lizard full-body drape that was his too-school-for-cool look.  An “arms crossed” mad-faced harrumph on the landing anytime I packed to travel.  And a very human (and quite proper) way of sitting on a bar-stool, scanning the counter for edibles.  The only thing missing from that look was a vintage smoking jacket. 

Tonight my Peach came flying in through the back slider at mach speed, skidding on the rug to an abrupt halt, looking very blasé.  I thought, Ha!  That girl bursts in like Cosmo Kramer!  I never realized it before, but it’s true:  my little 10-lb tomboy dairy-cow look-alike is very much like that crazy Seinfeld character.  Hilarious, in-your-face affectionate, bold about what she wants when she wants it . . . and tender as they come.  Completely irresistible. 

In addition to countless treasured moments with my current and past lovebugs, I realized that, like my friend, I too am made happy by just the sight of a dog or cat.  And that wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I smile . . . and if close enough, move to connect.

How did we get so lucky to be blessed by the joy of these fabulous creatures?  And even better, to be loved by them!

Yours in everything pet,

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