Together we win


MUTTS comic strip creator Patrick McDonnell has been “among us” here at Spot for months, ever since our Nikki suggested we bring you his story.  Patrick has done a fantastic job of highlighting the plight of shelter animals, and the joy, pain and vital importance of taking action to help them . . . a man after our own hearts!

As is our wont, we worked to make this issue really special.  In the spirit of McDonnell’s dedication to shelter animals, we created an Adopt a Shelter program, matchmaking local businesses with shelters.  This brought about many new relationships, as well as fundraisers, food drives and other meaningful activities.  How cool is that!

In addition to meeting Patrick this month, inside you’ll find Spot’s version of Shelter Stories — a pullout supplement featuring some of our local organizations working to get animals healthy, safe, and HOME.  The supplement will be available at pet events all year, and we hope you’ll get acquainted with these wonderful groups.  Even more, we hope you’ll be inspired to lend your hands and heart to this important work.  I can’t wait for you to see how such small acts can make a huge difference!

Of course there are still many shelters that would benefit greatly by being adopted.  Please consider this for your company.  Adoptions can be as simple as sponsoring a Shelter Story in Spot, acquainting them with tens of thousands of pet lovers, or more involved — many adoptive businesses are holding food and other drives, some are hosting fundraiser parties, and still others are helping virtually — promoting their shelter and its animals through social media.

What I love about this concept is that while businesses are supporting their adopted shelters there is also a role for you — attend the fundraisers, place a gift under a giving tree, and share photos and stories of the goings on! 

The cherry on top is the impact adopted shelters can make on behalf of their adoptive businesses — supporting them through their own social media and outreach. 

Together we win.  It’s been so great watching great new relationships form, seeing businesses that have never before engaged with shelters connect for the first time, seeing new events hit the calendar, and best of all . . . knowing that in addition to the boost this is providing our local businesses and shelters . . . that it’s all about helping that one animal — see the one I mean?  I bet we all have one that easily comes to mind . . . that lonely, confused baby longing for that simple thing we all need and deserve: HOME.  Where there is food, safety . . . and JOY.

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