J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

J with Roxy (and Peach the famous photobomber)

My 4-pack goes 6 to 65 lbs, legs 2 to 30 inches, ages 11 to 13 years.  I call them my little old ladies, and they flip me the tail and laugh.  They are their own little “Red Hats” club, dancing, laughing, and ‘living out loud’ in every way.

A high point of most of our days is a 2-mile jaunt through the neighborhood.  I guess we’re something of a sight . . . people often pause and laugh when we come into view, the girls marching smartly in sync, all ‘large and in charge.’  Now and again we get sweet praise, a la “What a beautiful, well-behaved bunch!”  Not so much, but we love hearing it J

Since we go out most days, and as dogs are expert at telling time, the girls get edgy as the hour approaches.  Roxy’s eyes grow huge with longing (and, I think, a little angst that we might not go today, oh no!).  Peach just gets antsy.  Lula, however, true to form — nap-loving Princess that she is — stays under the covers.  Her radar is keen though; at the first clink of the leash hooks she’s there — her usual obnoxious self wiggling and glaring as if to say, “Let’s go!  I’m tired of waitin’ on you!”

Given their size differences, Peach and Lula sail up and over curbs while long-legged Roxy’s stride doesn’t alter a bit.  She’s like, what curb?  Thankfully, our friend Sue Roake of Bebop USA gifted us with a double-leash that perfectly pairs Peach and Lu, helping keep all three comfortably in stride.

As you go cruisin’ with your friend or friends, please take care during hot days to go early or late, when the temps will be kind (and safe) for them.  And please!  Keep them on the inside “lane” if you’re on the street, and for sure, pick up the poop.  These steps are not only good for safety, but for the “let’s all get along” factor that is so important to preserving our communities. 

These days it’s not just the girls who get excited to get out.  The exercise, the fresh air, and the open space that’s great for unwinding and processing thoughts from the day . . . the time that’s just “ours” . . . it’s all so good, I too get bright-eyed as go-time nears.

If you can make an outing part of your own routine, you’ll find the benefits, and the happy factor, something you’ll want to do every day.  It’s just one more example of how ‘going to the dogs’ makes us better.  The benefits are huge, and they’re ours for the taking.

Get out!  You’ll be so glad you did.  And so will your own little “Red Hats” club.

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