Once upon a time …

 Jennifer and Lula

Jennifer and Lula

A leggy, 15-lb redhead landed in a shelter and was caged with large dogs, slated for euthanasia. No one knew her story, but she was microchipped — registered to no one. Just hours from her last, the little girl — wild with fear and stress — was swooped up by a big-hearted pilot, who flew her from California to loving foster mom, Connie Thiel, in Portland. The next day, she arrived at my home.

Abused and traumatized, for years she bit and barked and generally wreaked havoc — with the three others in her pack, the neighbors, and visitors.

Fast forward seven years, nearly to the day of this writing, and you find a now white-faced girl who has acquired a grace and affection for her world that is stunning given her history. She is Lula, and she is the dog of my heart (I actually have 4, but she is my “Who Rescued Who” girl).

Please share the joy and meaning of rescue and adoption, now and throughout the year. Lula is just one example of countless cases where someone embraced a hard-luck/hard-to-love creature who in time proved to be among their greatest blessings ever.

As we wrap this year and celebrate the beginning of a new one, all of us at Spot wish you comfort and joy, and most of all, love. 

Yours in everything pet,




PS: Spot is celebrating a new addition! Michele Michaels is known by many for her work in rescue, adoption, foster care, unchaining dogs and other animal welfare efforts. Others know her for her longtime stint as “Kiss n Tell with Michele” aka “Michele ‘til Midnight” on 99.5 The Wolf. If you’re meeting her for the first time, I’m sure you’ll quickly come to know and love her like we do as she steers Spot into the future as our new Managing Editor!