Hello, Sunshine!

Springtime in Portland kicks off a fun-filled season of pet events, starting with the annual NW Pet & Companion Fair, Apr 12-13 at the Expo Center.  Read all about how this event has grown in recent years, thanks to the hard work and TLC of our favorite showgirls, Amy Johnson and Vanessa Wright.  In 2011, the girls rescued the event from extinction, and in three short years have transformed it into a memorable, award-winning weekend of fun, connection and learning.

Visitors enjoy free samples, workshops, entertainment, adoptables and more, and of course Spot is on the scene with smiles, cameras, and goodies for you and your best friend.  Stop by and say hi!

Springtime is definitely a favorite here at Spot HQ.  All of us are fair-weather walkers, and lately, we’ve been clocking some miles!  Where Peach and Lula once sailed over curbs with grace and ease — not to mention synchronized altitude! — these days we bypass the curbs in favor of driveways that are much easier on aging little legs and eyes.  And while we don’t trek as far or as fast these days, our enthusiasm is as high as ever!  We work at home, and once the season has begun, around 5 o’clock every day the girls start a full-court press to hit the streets.  Big girl Roxy goes all Drama Queen — I think she’s got an internal  5 o’clock alarm that “goes off” with pleading puppy-dog eyes and woeful moaning . . . which escalates to a full-on wail that’s impossible to deny. 

As pet parents we’re ever mindful of how fleeting the time with our love bugs is, making it all the more important to make the most of every chance to play, love and “live out loud” with our best friends.

Happily, spring/summer in the Northwest is prime time!  Keep an eye on the Furry FunPlanner , now sponsored by our friends at Good Neighbor Vet, tune into the weekly Good Neighbor Vet Furry Funplanner report on KPSU Radio (98.1 fm), and come out and play!  Spot is on site at most pet events during the season with goodies and smiles, and the best part is reconnecting with you! 

Yours in everything pet,