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  Little Girl

Little Girl

So much to share! 

We have a new critter at Spot HQ — I call her Little Girl, and she is the fattest, friendliest little squirrel!  I am in love.  At first it was scary keeping the dogs from scoring her as a tasty snack.  She hangs out in THEIR back yard, and has gotten so comfy she comes right to the slider — daily.  It’s often open, so she’s risking life and limb.  She steps right up, looks me in the eye, and wrings her little paws as if to say, “Um, ‘scuze me.  Yes, um... Well, I’m out of seeds.  Could I have more please?”

Early on I would tick my tongue and she’d follow to safety atop the fence, giving me time to contain the girls.  Then I’d toss her seeds, and she’d park on the patio for hours, snacking away.

She comes every day, wringing her polite little paws, sending the dogs into a frenzy.  I finally realized an old birdbath nestled in a back tree made a perfect Squirrel Suite.  I called her to it along the fenceline, and voila! – she settled right in, finding squirrel nirvana.  Today the coolest thing:  when she arrived I secured the dogs and headed out, ticking and talking to her.  Rather than going to the fenceline to get there the long way around, she went straight across the lawn with me and right up her tree. 

So now I can say I have a squirrel who comes when she’s called!  How fun is that  :-)  I know she’s far from tame, but she’s made quick work of training me. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Spot went bi-monthly last year, making way for other work we love, including marketing services for fellow pet businesses, and helping animals in need via Spot’s nonprofit side.  While I’m still not completely used to printing every other month (quite a change after 20 years of publishing monthly), there is much to love.  Like giving us greater focus on animal welfare.

This spring has been amazing.  We’ve had a number of “placements” in process, and it’s so gratifying to see the network in action — working to secure transport, foster homes, medical care, funds, and of course:  loving homes. 

Did you know Spot has two pages on Facebook?  Yep — SpotMagazineNW features fun stories and love tails, alerts, news and funnies, while SpotToTheRescue is all animal welfare all the time, including adoptables, alerts, postings on things needed, and of course, happy endings J  Spot crew member Marnie, who is passionate about rescue, recently took up the reins.  She’s well suited, as she’s been a foster, rescue volunteer, and always has a hand in helping those in need find their happy ever afters.  And since taking the wheel she’s got the place jumpin!  “Like” the page to lend a hand or just follow and be amazed, and maybe send a little encouragement to the many folks doing great work.

Speaking of those doing Works of Heart . . . we love introducing you to the amazing people and animals in our world, and this issue is packed — enjoy!

Finally, a quick note about pet events.  ‘Tis the season, and Wow — good times!  Keep your eye on the Good Neighbor Vet Furry FunPlanner (in Spot, online and on 98.1 fm radio Thursdays at 6:10pm) and come out and play!  We’ve got great goodies at the booth, but even better, we love seeing you there!