Yip! Yipp! eeee!

 Jennifer McCammon (L) and Jenny Kamprath celebrate the first issue of Spot – Aug. ’05, hot off the press

Jennifer McCammon (L) and Jenny Kamprath celebrate the first issue of Spot – Aug. ’05, hot off the press

You have in your hands the 100th issue of Spot Magazine.  I wouldn't have thought to track that, but our Vonnie mentioned it a few months ago, so we counted ‘em up, and happily hadn’t missed the chance to celebrate. 

And what a sweet celebration it is! 

Like many publishing ventures, Lil Spot, born August 2005 (this is also its 9th birthday ϑ), endured rough economic waters starting around ’08, and greatly diminished advertising revenue with the advent of social media (this, a huge blow — until then magazines like Spot were wholly advertising supported). 

Then we made two important changes:  publishing every other month instead of monthly, and diversifying to offer marketing services — at which we were expert, but until then had only practiced within Spot itself.  Those changes made all the difference, moving Spot from a tough, precarious place, to where it is today:  stable, and most importantly, tail-wagging, eyes-shining, butt-wiggling overjoyed to not only celebrate this little landmark with you, but for the new opportunities to serve others that has turned out to be more good for everyone involved (and fun!) than we ever imagined.

There are so many people and businesses who helped make possible Spot’s shift from barely surviving to thriving.  Bi-Mart has been a longtime partner — in the magazine, events, fundraisers and activities — and without them Spot simply wouldn’t be here today.  Others at the top of Spot’s list of Champions (there are so many — but those here have stuck close, “held our hands” through tough times, and continued to support our efforts through every curve and curveball) in no particular order, include Cascade VRC, Dignified Pet Services, Good Neighbor Vet, Whole Pet NW, Bennington Properties, Show Dogs Grooming, Idyllic Beach House, Rose City Vet, VCA NW Veterinary Specialists, Back on TrackMcMenamins Dog-Friendly Properties, Multnomah County Animal Services, Companion Pet Clinic St. Johns, NoPo Paws and Mittens Motel — again, that’s just a few.  Others include the innumerable friends in animal welfare and the biz, with whom we work, brainstorm and play.  This community is wicked-awesome for pet-loving, hard-working people, and we’re blessed and thrilled to be part of it.

In addition to a few special celebratory notes in this issue, we’re celebrating with a Summer Social Aug. 10 at Oaks Park.  There we’ll host the 2014 Cover Model Search, so grab your little star and come play!  Highlights include doggie ice cream, a fitness session, summer suds, awesome raffle items and more — all supporting Born Again Pit Bull Rescue, Deaf Dogs of Oregon and Spot.  We work with and support countless orgs serving animals — this one’s for BAPBR and DDO, so please come help celebrate them!  

Hope to see you there.  Thank you for faithfully reading and sharing Spot all these years — it’s been such a treat!  Here’s to 100 more . . . :)