Rain or shine, the fun goes on!

What a great summer!  Great weather, and tons of events and good times!  Now here’s fall, sweeping in with lusty colorful skirts, mischievous winds, and . . . a sense of gratitude that comes with the season.  It swells as the days speed toward the holidays, and the changing weather of the season.  Thankfully, the explosion of nature’s beauty (and the beginning of basketball … and, ok, football) go a long way in making it feel like a welcome change ϑ

How to make the season even more fun?  Just add indoor games your pups will love!  Check it out at this link (page 6 in the book), and let us know how it goes (and send photos so we can share them!) at info@spotmagazine.net or on Facebook.

Speaking of photos . . . we ran a bunch of photo contests in recent months, some for great prizes.  Keep an eye on Spot on Facebook for more chances to not only win, but to see your sweet baby in the pages of Spot Magazine and Spot online.

 Jessie ~  Photo by Waz Mix Pix

Jessie ~ Photo by Waz Mix Pix

Fall also brings a bevy of galas and fundraisers that promise good times, and a chance to support our outstanding animal welfare orgs.  One fun li’l detail coming up — Spot’s Vonnie Harris will be on the runway at DoveAdore featuring Boutiques Unleashed Oct. 17.  She’s modeling with her bestie Hobie, as her yella Jessie shies from the spotlight.  But fear not — to get a Jessie fix, just get to the river — given a dock and some water, she always steals the show!

Another fix you might be looking for . . . need a Goodie Bag?  Spot’s popular little Goodie Bags are still available.  Provided by our friends as Cascade VRC, they’re attractive thermal totes with zippers and pockets — and two loops inside to hold the wine ϑ.  They’re filled with goodies from area pet businesses, altogether a value of $20-$30.  They can be had for a $5 donation (+ S&H) that supports local animal welfare — and they make great gifts!  Get yours by clicking here!

Whatever the season, Northwest pet parents are members of the most pet-friendly, pet-devoted, and pet-savvy community on the planet, and good stuff goes on, year round.   

One must-do right now?  VOTE!  The Top Dog Awards ballots are open now through Nov. 30, and your vote counts!  Those who earn the distinction of being “the best pet business, nonprofit, professional, or pet-friendly “x”” receive great rewards.  For businesses and pros you absolutely love, this is a great way to say THANK YOU and GREAT JOB!  Your vote has the power to help them grow and get in front of new customers — so show them some love!  Vote today here!

In closing I want to share 2 bits from recent conversations.  The first raising a question that was answered in the second.

Chatting with someone from a corporate organization, I was asked to explain our work at Spot . . . and why we weren’t designed to go after big money . . . and why we spent time on things like rescue, emergency response, and community resources.  I explained that, for us, it’s a work of heart, and it “feeds” us.

In the second conversation, a friend said, “It just comes down to being people who love dogs.”


I would only add cats . . . bunnies . . . birds . . . farm animals . . . !

Yours in everything pet,