Keep Calm and Love

While working on this issue, the world as we knew it blew up. As more people became aware of the crises that had happened and continued to unfold, social media newsfeeds were flooded with posts of equal parts hope and solidarity, impending doom and arguments.

Meanwhile . . . as we at Spot continued making this edition, we were called for an assist with an animal in need, a common occurrence. We reached out to a few of the many rock stars in our lil world. Soon the way was paved to move the hurting animal to safe harbor, and hopefully before long to a warm, loving home. Thanks to those of you who responded so quickly — you know who you are.

It does my heart so much good when these cases arise that, with a few calls and emails, things begin to move. Hope that sometimes barely flickers in the first moments of an alert grows to shine brightly as hands and hearts join in, obstacles are flattened, and change begins.

While we can’t stop the madness currently raging in our world, we CAN attend to the things in our own little corner of it. Lending a hand, giving a dollar, sharing a smile, a kind word. That’s what we CAN do, and should.

This is the season of celebration and thanks, and indeed, there is much to be thankful for, and to celebrate. You’ll find little bits here. 

Spot asked friends to share photos of their little “elves,” naughty or nice, and to take a shot at winning a holiday prize.  Check out the entries here — they’ll lighten your heart and brighten your day.

“‘Tis the Season,” lists holiday drives and fundraisers by generous local businesses in support of deserving area nonprofits. Please take a peek! In featuring these events I hope to not only heighten awareness of the events taking place, but to inspire more of you to support them.

We are blessed in this community, with great friends, organizations, and a spirit of fun, giving and love. Jump in and see!  You’ll find when you give even a little, you get back a lot.

From our family to yours, Keep Calm and Love. We have each other. We have today. And we have the blessing of purpose — work to do.

Happy Holidays. Here’s to a new year filled with Peace and Love.