Everything’s coming up [wet] noses!

Spring has sprung in the Northwest, and summer daze will soon be here — YAY!

While most of us welcome each new season with pleasure, parents of any kind — those with children, those with pets — know that in addition to the happy aspects, each season also brings hazards you can set your calendar to.

For me this conjures the the old Smokey the Bear campaign (yes I’m dating myself — I’m okay with it):  “Only YOU can prevent . . . “

Ol’ Smokey was talking about forest fires, but live long enough and we realize the power of our role in preventable mishaps – from nuisance to nightmare.  All we need is a little knowledge and a dash of mindfulness. The first is available with a few keystrokes — the rest is up to us.

Gardening and yardscaping is a hot topic this time of year, and for good reason: some plants, mulches and gardening products are toxic to pets. Take the time to do your homework so both you and your pet will be delighted with your yardscaping heroics this year.

Toxic algae typically hits the headlines as early as May and as late as July, and every year there are tragedies. Toxic algae blooms result from certain seasonal water conditions including temperature, and something as minor as licking a paw can harm your best friend. If yours is a water lover, or just your happy co-pilot, check Metro’s real-time tracking of toxic algae alerts and affected areas before you go:  public.health.oregon.gov/HealthyEnvironments/Recreation/HarmfulAlgaeBlooms.

While some pets are unfazed by the crashing cacophony that begins days before and continues days after the 4th of July, others are absolutely wrecked. Two of my four-pack are in the latter category, so we prepare not only with a little medicinal assist, but with soft blankets, closed windows, and time reserved for reassuring snuggling. Local experts offered up more great tips and helpful info for the 4th in this issue, click here to read.

Back to how easy, given a little homework and mindfulness, it really is to have an impact on the safety and comfort of our best friends’ lives, I’ve been thinking lately how blessed we are — we have infinite resources!

Spot Magazine’s archives discuss everything above, and countless other topics dealing with the health, happiness and safety of our best friends. Whatever you need help with, you'll find it at SpotMagazine.net. And wait, there’s more! 

Spot recently adopted pdxdog.com and friends, a community of people who are passionate about pets. These folks are another great way to connect and have fun, and get even more tips from the pros . . . in this case loving pet parents just like you, who’ve learned through their own adventures.

If you haven’t already, come join the pack! Here’s to a safe, fun season in the sun, together with our precious ones!

Yours in everything pet,