Best Friends...Forever

We love doing special editions dedicated to the oldsters — they transport us all into a sacred, love-filled space.

My pack is now 14, 14, and 15. Just weeks shy of 16, Scout left us in July. I treasure the gift of having this tough little girl with me for so long — against all odds, as she was the product of a puppy mill.

Lula, Peach and Roxy’s lives continue to evolve. Walks are shorter and slower, vet visits more frequent, meds on the counter more plentiful. Yet on they go, each of them vibrant, amazing, hearts-on-wheels.

Lula is my “Who Rescued Who” baby, and also my “Wretched Redheaded Rescue.” You couldn’t imagine a more thug little 15-pounder after being pulled from “the block.” I discovered the little bumps all over her body were scabs from bites by large dogs she’d been caged with. When she arrived that winter I was broken too. We spent her first weeks huddled near the fire, holding on to each other.

Recently Lula went blind, seemingly overnight. Still, she is spirit-filled, and best of all, recently shed of her wont to bite . . . a profound measure of how far she’s come.

Peach was “payment” for a debt long ago, from an ailing friend who had me care for her as a puppy while he dealt with hospital stays. Over time she began to act out when she went home — mine had become her happy place. Leaving grew increasingly hard, and finally he let her stay for good.

She’s been causing trouble ever since.

Insistent on affection, a tomboy with a gruff little voice, dismissive of correction, she is a study in contrasts. I was surprised early on to learn that when I left the house she cried at the door the whole time I was gone! She now does the same with others she loves.

Roxy joined us late in life, a 73-lb Boxer-Ridgeback you can’t help but love. I resisted taking her in 4 years ago — 5-lb Scout was then 12 and blind — afraid she might knock Scout down the stairs. She never did, and she’s with us still, immeasurably brightening our world.

For all the late-life adventures . . . the medical events, the challenge of ensuring GREAT care when I have to leave town . . . the eventual need for baby food and diapers . . . I wouldn’t trade it. They are a glowing thread in the tapestry of my life.

Enjoy this issue!  It’s packed with great resources for the golden years . . . and love stories from readers and friends.

This is mine ♥