Life in the village

Working and collaborating in animal rescue with countless organizations and individuals throughout the region, we at Spot have learned firsthand of the frustrations experienced by those serving animals in need, and those looking to adopt.

This issue explores and celebrates various aspects of rescue and adoption — including trends and realities, and the profound depth and meaning of the human/animal bond.

The rescue landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, and continues to evolve. Where once the most urgent need was to home animals to prevent needless killing due to pet over-population and lack of space and resources to properly care for homeless animals, today the primary focus is on making successful matches that last for life.

Which brings us to where our investigation began. Whatever the realities today, pain-points for those working in adoption and prospective adopters are real.  It is with that we hope to help, shedding light on why adoption requirements are so important. Potential adopters can feel so offended by certain requirements — for a certain lifestyle, a 6’ fence, financial ability, no kids or other pets in the home — that they abandon the process.

We hope to clarify that while an adoption worker might seem unnecessarily “tough” on requirements, their rigorous protection of the pet and the match is thanks to years of experience that’s shown them,  time and again, what makes a successful lifelong match — and what doesn’t. Please trust that, and that the ultimate goal is happy ever after — for the pets and their families.

Serendipitously — and fittingly — our friend Patrick McDonnell of Mutts and Shelter Stories fame, recently published a wonderful “Mutts Manifesto.” We asked permission to share it with you, and Patrick and his team happily said yes. See it here. Words to live by .

This issue also features ‘Who Rescued Who’ stories from folks whose pets participated in Spot’s Cover Model Search at the 2016 Pet Fair. Our winner Sassy, a rescue herself, graces the cover. Watch future issues for more participating Cover Models, all photographed by the amazing Teran Buckner of Phido Photography.

We hope you find this issue informative and heart-filled. We love our rock stars working and volunteering for the animals, and we never forget:  those who support these organizations — and welcome rescued pets into their families — are a vital part of the equation. Thank you!

Yours in everything pet,