The joy of the Assist

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for Blazers basketball. And while once upon a time I was a fair shot, I’ve never been much at ball handling. But assist? That I can do! And I do, along with my team, routinely and with great pleasure.

Sometimes an assist comes and goes with little or no notice. And that’s okay! The joy is in the doing. Now and then, though, the outcome of an assist is known, and cause for real celebration.

Such was the case with Mr. B. While putting together the Feb/Mar AWESOME Pet Guide, we heard from Susan at St. Martin’s Rescue in Sheridan. She asked if we could spread the word about sweet Mr. B, who’d been in a kennel for over 2 years, awaiting a loving family.

Mr. B’s backstory was painful to learn. He’d been rescued from a chain, where he’d spent 24/7 with little or no food or shelter, moving within a limited space covered in his own feces. After his rescue, doctors determined among his various injuries were some indicating he’d been raped.

St. Martins was paying for Mr. B’s boarding, and at the kennel he was enjoying something for the first time: warmth, comfort, regular meals, and lots of love. He was also learning manners, thanks to these good folks spending time teaching him. What a wonderful change! But . . . he was still living in a kennel, still awaiting a real home and family of his own.

We took care to prominently feature Mr. B in that issue, sharing his story and photos of his beautiful smile.

And what do you know: someone saw him, and boarded a train to meet him the next morning. See this boy’s very happy ever after, page 11. Fittingly, he’s begun his new life with a new name: Boomer.

This issue we introduce another very special boy who’s waiting for you: Tank. Please meet him at this link..

In other news from the Assists Dept, we’re excited to support West Columbia Gorge Humane Society’s NW Pet Fair, presented by Bi-Mart.

This is a weekend not to be missed! Fashion Shows, ongoing Yappy Hour, amazing demos, adoptables, local celebrities and more. Spot is conducting a Cover Model Search, so bring your best friend and enter to get him or her on the cover of Spot! All participants’ photos will appear in the magazine, and the winner will have a professional photo shoot for his or her very own cover.

Best of all? The NW Pet Fair is all for the animals. What better cause to provide an Assist.

Yours in everything pet,