Summer Blasts and other warm weather worries

I’ve had pets most of my life, but it wasn’t until Lula and Roxy arrived that I came to understand just how miserable the 4th can be for some.

The first year I was unprepared to offer anything more than soothing words and pets, and a quiet room where they could burrow under blankets for a sense of peace and safety. The evening dragged for these two very unhappy campers.

The following year we tried meds. Our vet prescribed valium (yep, the same drug humans use), and while Roxy spent the evening in relative comfort, Lula FUH-REAKED! In fact she was still pinballing the following morning — bouncing off of cupboards, walls and my legs, and getting after anyone who crossed her path like an angry little (15-lb) bull.

Trying alternate meds the following year proved effective. Since then, they are served a late afternoon 4th of July “cocktail” (we kind of tiptoe through walks the preceding early evenings, as small celebrations begin), snuggle in, and ride it out. Not an eventful holiday, but much preferred to the alternative.

Take a look at the tips for 4th of July safety and sanity at this link. From our family to yours, we wish you a fun and comfortable holiday.

Perhaps even more pressing this time of year, and certainly more enduring, is the risk to pets in parked cars. Every year we see pets and children harmed and killed. If we could only educate everyone just how fast a vehicle becomes a lethal oven, we might see an end to these avoidable tragedies.

Thankfully, things are beginning to change. What began with color-changing cards that signaled dangerous temperatures has progressed to include social and broadcast media campaigns and, best of all, new laws dealing with those who respond to, and those responsible for, pets suffering in hot cars. Read all about it at this link.

One last seasonal word of caution. Warm months bring toxic algae blooms, which are not always readily apparent. If you’ll be heading near water, please search “harmful algae blooms oregon” for alerts and information to help protect your water lover — even s/he’s just a fan of puddles. Might sound silly, but the threat is truly that grave.

This summer, please take good care of you and yours, and let’s make it one to remember — for all the right reasons! 

Yours in everything pet,