ABC . . . easy as 1-2-3!

The “back-to-school” season is one of those times of shared experience that, like any major holiday, has its own vibe, attitude, and feeling — flavored by the passing of summer and the onset of fall, the energy of a new year, and for many, fond memories of reconnecting with friends, school supplies and new duds!

We thought it would be fun to riff on the theme, and we hope you like the result! We all could use an occasional primer, or refresher on the basics, and it’s so great when we can learn from stellar experts!

Enjoy these last weeks of summer, and kicking off a beautiful fall. There are countless festivals, fun fundraisers, and beautiful days to enjoy the glorious lakes, rivers, hiking and recreational ops in the Northwest.

In closing, I want to share a little about my big girl, who left us this month. Roxy was a beautiful old girl who joined our family about 6 years ago. She was fun, funny, and full of spirit, and she brought joy and smiles to all who met her. I will miss our one-on-one burger runs (plain patty with LOTS of extra napkins to soak up the grease). Roxy’s shivering eagerness and intent gaze on the drive-up window never failed to crack up the person serving her.

Roxy 2000 - 2016

Roxy 2000 - 2016

Much thanks to the many friends who shared our joy, and supported me in caring for Rox during her last weeks. Dr. Stephens of Dignified Home Euthanasia was so wonderful, arriving heart-first, and coming in with a gentle sweetness that helped ensure Roxy’s departure was graceful, calm, and filled with love. Thanks also to Ute of Pets Point of View, who helped me meet Roxy’s needs during her final weeks with us, and to Jill Saban, godmother to all my pups, who is one of the most loving dog-moms and caregivers on the planet.

Roxy might say:  Thanks for the happy years, for healing me and keeping me healthy and strong. For the walks that always matched my energy and strength. For good food, great toys, big comfy beds, lots of friends, and tons of love.

Godspeed, dear one. Thank you for the love and sunshine you brought to our world!

Love your babies. Revel in the time shared, and give thanks for the blessing that is life with dogs,