Life with pets - always an adventure

Ask any pet parent about their lovebug’s morning or bedtime routines, favorite treat, toy, etc, and guaranteed:  the stories will flow — with smiles, shining eyes, and laughter. 

It’s often said that “pets are the new kids,” and it’s true: we are wholeheartedly, unashamedly, crazy about our animals. 

And when it seems they may be hurt, ill, or “just not right,” we jump to find the problem, and most importantly, the solution.  We live for their happiness and wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether something like vomiting is a garden-variety tummy ache, or something serious.  Whether a sudden lack of spark is simple fatigue, or something more.  Whether a limp is from a minor misstep we didn’t witness, or a real injury.

And then there are odd little crises. 

While out for a while years ago, my Beagle puppy Luka found several glow sticks. Greeting me with a glowing snout, I freaked.  Later, leaving the vet (she was fine), she proceeded to poop what looked uncannily like sticks of chalk — pink … yellow … blue. 

Years later, I was varnishing marzipan musicians from my father's retirement cake to make tree ornaments.  The cake topper was an 8” conductor. The collection sat on a table in the garage, door open, the summer sun helping dry each coat. Someone stopped by, and I briefly closed my dog Broadway in the garage. 

WHAT was I thinking!  As a puppy, Broadway had eaten part of a kitchen floor … a set of blinds … an entire batch of bananas perfectly blackened for bread. 

The table was no match for my counter-surfer. In just minutes she’d eaten a handful of the 3” musicians AND the conductor. Faint with fear, I mentally tallied the coats I’d applied.  

The vet felt she would be fine, and she was — although that evening she was very busy, producing volumes of yuck worthy of a dog three times her size.  

These are just a few examples of everyday happenings in life with our pets. No more or less scary (and happily, in these cases, ultimately hilarious) than the adventures every pet parent experiences.

Thankfully, we don’t have to know what to do beyond making that call. Our trusted family vet asks the right questions, and reliably provides an informed course of action. I can’t imagine life without my animals — or my trusted veterinarians. 

To help know what might be a crisis (or not), check out “When it’s time to call the vet” . We hope this helps with some of the everyday happenings that can be really scary. Also this issue, meet Top Dog Award-winning veterinarians at Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital and Bethany Family Clinic, and explore the alternative practice of Pranic Healing. 

I hope you’ll also take a moment to meet our featured adoptables. One, a sweet boy named Tank, is a beloved ambassador at Greenhill who, while loved by so many, has yet to find his forever family, which he so richly deserves — they all do.

Finally, we celebrate one of many beloved local merchants. If you have a great story about your neighborhood pet merchant, please let us know!  We’d love to share their stories too.

Yours in everything pet,