Oh, babies!

Ah, the irresistible charm of tiny mewls and squeaks and howls, wobbling heads, and glistening wide-eyed gazes.  Puppy breath? Intoxicating.  For most of us, holding and playing with puppies or kittens — or simply watching them tumble and fumble — strips us down, revealing our best selves.  We fairly glow with happiness and love, our faces alight with sweet, dopey smiles, our touch gentle and tender.

They’re so soft!  So sweet! 

And so busy!

Perhaps it is the magic, wonder, and sheer wonderfulness of babies that sustains us in providing for their every need and negotiating the challenges — which can be many. 

From day one we are called into 24/7 service in protecting, teaching, and nurturing them.  Our lives become filled with constant feedings and cleanups (and not just from meals!), and the nonstop balls of remarkable energy that go-go-go . . . until >poof!< they drop and sleep like the babies they are.

We work to learn about best care, and wholeheartedly strive to give it.  Here, we begin to lay the foundation for the awesome companions they will soon grow up to be.

In recent years we have culturally evolved to where our pets are treated very much like children. We not only research and strive to provide the best nutrition, environment, and learning opportunities, pet parents today are concerned about enrichment.  This singular development some years ago, for me, marked a significant shift in the status pets now hold in our lives.  Happily, businesses and organizations have kept pace with the changes, and offerings in all areas of pet health, behavior — and yes, enrichment — are abundant.

If you’re a new pet parent this season, congratulations!  Inside you’ll find information, tips and resources for every aspect of caring for your new little one — helping you make the most of this magical time, and setting the stage for your lovebug’s lifelong health and happiness.

Here’s to the babies!  And to those who give them the very best, from beginning to end.

Also inside please take a peek at two important seasonal concerns — hot cars and fireworks. 

If it seems these topics come up year after year, it’s because they do.  And they will continue to until we see a day when no pet is left to suffer in a hot car, and when the days before and after July 4th are no longer the highest of the year for intake of lost and stray animals at areas shelters.

It’s been a long winter in the Northwest, but sunny days are finally here!  Just like with kitten- and puppyhood, the season will pass quickly, so revel in every moment!  Here’s to a safe, joy-filled summer!

Yours in everything pet,