Happy Ahhhhhtumn!


Well friend, ‘tis the season . . . for playing in the leaves, and reveling in cool, beautiful, (mostly) sunny days.  This time of year is also abundant with gala events to support animal welfare organizations.  Please take a peek at all the goings on and join the fun while supporting great causes.

This is also the time to vote for your favorite pet orgs and businesses, vying for the honor of being named Top Dogs in their fields.  Voting is open through Oct 31st at spotmagazine.net. Please take a moment to cast your ballot — it’s a great way to support our pet professionals doing such great work!

This issue was so much fun . . . getting to meet Hayley and her cat Andy, whose deep thoughts have gone viral, and exploring Jonathan Czinder’s amazing ranch where dogs not only learn but enjoy days not unlike they would know in the wild. Also meeting Shannon Priem, who formed and operates a fantastic program for pets and people in Salem.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we did in experiencing and sharing them with you!

In closing I want to share a few words about a little girl who brightened my life for early 18 years. Peach was said to be a mini Doxie, and she was, but looked for all the world like a little dairy cow. A tomboy at heart, her little husky voice and bouncing gait always made hearts smile. Also a bag lady, any visitors’ bags left within reach would soon be ransacked by her little head examining the contents — sometimes leaving quite a mess.

I’m grateful for the love, joy, and richness all my dogs have brought to my life — we are so lucky to share whatever time we’re given with them.

Enjoy the season, and the love and adventure of life with your animals — words aren’t enough to describe the magnitude of this gift!