Reigning cats and dogs


In almost 13 years of publishing Spot, I’ve been fortunate to witness countless instances proving that the human/animal bond is no less than miraculous. Breathtaking (and often death defying) rescues of and by pets, countless moments of joy and hilarity, and profound tales of transformation, heroism, love, and survival.


I’ve also had a bird’s-eye view of the cultural evolution of this relationship — from a time when pets were considered mere property to today’s overwhelmingly popular belief that our pets are truly members of the family, deserving of all the benefits we grant our children.

Not so long ago, the family dog was routinely relegated to an outdoor doghouse (or simply the backyard). He or she was fed whatever food was on sale, and was casually allowed to run loose (usually intact, so females often turned up pregnant). My, oh my, how times have changed.


I’ll never forget when the term “enrichment” made its way into the animal-lover’s vocabulary. Having published a family magazine years ago, I was familiar with the term, but had generally associated it with child-rearing.

The rise in our collective desire to provide pets with enrichment made me realize just how far our furry friends have come, shedding their lowly former status to become full-fledged “furkids.”


I’m sure they were cackling in their kibble at this glorious development. Who wouldn’t be?!

Pets today have got it good! And they certainly deserve it. In addition to extraordinary medical care and food products, and abundant behavior, fitness, and enrichment programs, we are now kicking it up a notch.


Who’d have imagined even a decade ago that we could enjoy yoga with cats! While Portland has enjoyed this feline-friendly opportunity for several years now, as I was preparing this issue, I saw for the first time a local studio offering yoga with dogs.


Yep! We love our animals, and we want them with us for vacation, fine dining, outdoor adventure, and now, for yoga.

I can hardly wait to see what’s ahead!


Yours in everything pet,