The goods are in the Guide


Life with pets is in some ways like life with small children. Our pets are precious, precocious, vulnerable, and beyond the most obvious cues, they’re unable to convey what they need or want. For this and many other reasons there are times when even the most experienced guardian — of children and pets alike — need an assist.

Enter The 2018 AWESOME Pet Guide, a resource filled with tips and info from expert professionals and organizations, paired with ads from pet-centric NW businesses and organizations. Take a spin through the Guide for trends, answers to FAQs and more, in everything from dining with dogs to daycare, vacays, veterinary care, and more!

We hope you enjoy and share the Guide. Copies will be available through year end, and permanently online.

Pets are among life’s greatest gifts, and it is our blessing, as their guardians, to provide the care and enrichment to ensure their very best lives.

Yours in everything pet,