Let’s do this!

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We Northwest residents get slightly giddy this time of the year, and who could blame us? Sunshine, wildflowers, trails, and mountains are calling our names. We take our four-legged buddies along for these adventures — it’s just in our DNA — and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’re holding the issue of Spot Magazine that celebrates everything about summer with pets and people in the NW — road trips, beach days, and dining al fresco.

You’re also holding my first baby — my first issue as Managing Editor of Spot. We’re a family here at Spot, and I’ve had a chair at the family table for years as a contributing writer. I couldn’t be happier that this issue is my springboard into a new role. As I write this, I am readying the camp stove and dog bowls for our first camping getaway of the season. (We’re heading to one of the rustic dog-friendly cabins at Oregon State Parks, and you’ll see tips for excursions like here.)

Also, this summer, my best friend Willow and I will invite you along for some of our outdoor adventures as we make a renewed commitment to staying fit and active in our middle years. We’ll load up the Subaru for hiking, camping, bird-watching and exploring new places for Willow to swim — all in the unique spirit of a NW summer.

What are your summer plans? Grab some inspiration in the following pages, gear up, get out, and seize the summer! As always, feel free to share your awesome pet adventures with us on Facebook.

See you on the trails. Let’s do this!

Yours in everything pet in the NW,

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