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It’s a dog’s favorite word, no matter what words come after.

“…for a ride? …get coffee? …to the beach! …wander with me and do nothing at all?”

Whatever the question, their answer is “Yes!”

It’s one of my favorite things about dogs; they’re not picky planners. Whatever you’re doing, they’re happy to do it too.

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We dog lovers couldn’t live in a more accommodating place than the Northwest, where our dogs can go with us for a coffee and a bite, to a resort or a vacation rental. For me and my little pack, the cabins and yurts at state campgrounds are favorite destinations, although we’re also happy at the beach, on a forest trail, or at the neighborhood park.

This issue celebrates everything that makes this region so wonderful, caring, and a tad wacky.

This is Petlandia, and the following pages highlight the many ways we include pets in our fun around here. We also celebrate the serious work going on — to pass humane laws, feed the hungry, and care for the vulnerable.  

There are so many reasons to be proud of the playful, compassionate, activity-packed place we call home. And there are so many ways to join in the fun. We can help with that! Like Spot on Facebook, and pop in Thursday evenings at 6:30 for my roving Furry Fun Planner report. I’ll bring you a sampling of events, activities, and great causes ­— just in time for your weekend plans.

I’ll see you there!

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