Bring in the new!

Jennifer McCammon with BroadwayTo welcome the new means walking with open minds, hearts and hands. Only into open hands can gifts be placed.

Spot has truly been a gift in my life, and you, our readers, say it has been in yours, too. In fact, the two most frequent (and my favorite) things you tell us are: “I love this magazine!” and “I saw it in Spot” (at events you often tell us you came that day because you “Saw it in Spot”).

Spot is committed to bringing you cutting-edge pet-related news and information, and stories that touch your heart. Our comprehensive event coverage (in print, radio and on the web) is especially important as it helps boosts attendance at events to raise awareness and funds for important programs and services.

Spot is all about supporting Northwest pets and their people and those working in the trenches in rescue, shelter, spay/neuter, food, veterinary care, etc.

While these priorities won’t change, as time goes by, many other things will. We’re continually working to find ways to reach further and do more. I hope you’ll stick close as we grow and that you enjoy Spot’s newest offerings.

One is Team Spot, now “holding tryouts!” Team Spot is an opportunity to really connect and be a part of. Your membership will help find forever homes and support a variety of vital services. Together we can build our support of pets and their people — while every step celebrating the victories, the hilarity, and the pure pleasure of the connection we get to share. Grab your Team Spot T-shirt and get in the game!

Check out the Team Spot page and sign-up today! Will you be an Ankle Biter, a Lil’ Pup, a Best Friend or a Champion? I can’t wait to find out! Whatever your position on the Team, one thing is sure: you will be an MVP! And yes, there’s a benefit package! Team Spot members are on the A-list for things like walking as a Team at fundraisers, meetups, picnics, and who knows . . . maybe one day we’ll even enact my secret little dream: a Spot Flash Mob!

Another new development we’re excited about is Spot’s new website. It’s completely new, busy, informative, growing and FUN! Come get connected with this dynamic, living community. And while you’re there, share! You’ll find many new and old Spot friends there, also sharing ideas, thoughts, stories and photos. There’s something new to see and do almost every day, so stop in often!

Thank you so much for this amazing ride. Here’s to the new, and to many more sweet years together.

Yours in everything pet,