Happy Endings

Jennifer McCammon with BroadwayDecember is one of those months during the year when everything feels a little different, a little special. The holidays bring much magic while also upping the load and the pace thanks to seasonal to-do’s and get-togethers. For me December also brings a unique sense of duality: a mindfulness of the year coming to a close and the new one just peeking over the horizon, a time for both reflection and anticipation.

Looking back, looking forward

I know I’m in good company when I say it feels GOOD to lay oh-nine to rest. What a year! Tough. The economy has bumped and battered so many people and businesses this year. Thankfully, week by week now, things are looking brighter. 

One of the things I’ve appreciated about the rough-and-tumble trenches of ’09 is that it’s been a great sort of garden plot for creativity and innovation, courage, persistence and faith. While tough (and often un-fun), I still appreciate times that test our mettle —especially when I see myself and others rise to the challenge and stay energized as we try this, tweak that, and continue to believe in magic. Yes, I believe in Santa Clause, and I KNOW magic is real! Anyone who loves pets knows that!

I’m so thankful for the many treasured friends and associates who have walked alongside me through this challenging year. Acting as sounding boards, champions, guides, and the best kind of friends — those who stick by you when it’s cold and dark, those who love you when you’re not at your shiniest. Thank you! You know who you are.

I’m also really thankful for and proud of all the great work we’ve done together this year in supporting rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, food and vet care. We’ve seen tough cases go home through Rescue Me!, funds raised for rescues and shelters at Mutt Mixers and other events, and helped boost attendance for the many organizations supporting pets in need in myriad ways.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join Team Spot. We’re building a tough, passionate, get-things-done team that can really make a difference to the animals in need and all those serving them. Check out page 6 this issue or www.SpotMagazine.net (go to “Join Team Spot”). If you love Spot, this is your best way to show it in a very real way.

Finally, all of us at Spot thank you for a year that we’re closing with much appreciation for your affection and support, and for a year ahead that’s filled with promise. Oh! Be sure to circle the date — it’s time for the Top Dog Awards at last! — we’ll celebrate the winning pet pros you voted for this year Jan. 7 at Hotel Monaco. The January issue of Spot will be your ‘bible’ for pet products and services, the next best thing to a referral from a friend for the Best in the Biz in Everything Pet in the Northwest. Get your copy, and please join us at the awards celebration!

Happy Holidays to us all. Here’s to an oh-ten that’s truly a 10!