Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

Those of you who’ve been with us awhile know the Spot crew is hard working, fun loving . . . and that we tend to regard the pet community as family. In fact, I call our website “Spot’s House,” and our always simmering think-tank “the kitchen.”

And baby, lately, the kitchen at Spot’s House is cookin’!

Our tech hotshots, Jake and Vonnie, have been busy updating “Spot’s House” — this month adding a rescue page (tied to both the website and Facebook), featuring postings of adoptables, and needed fosters and transports. Willamette Valley crew members Megan and Marnie will manage this, and are at your service to post things needed, as well as happy endings (needs met). I’m excited to see this develop, as it is no less than love in motion. Please let us know if we can help, and be sure to visit and share!

Another new addition to the website is David Child’s photography classes. I never anticipated we’d be hosting classes, and with such talent at the “chalkboard!” David’s tricks of the trade are easy to learn and apply, and his lessons are specific and easy to follow. This month’s focus: cropping and ratio. Best of all? Turns out the key to exquisite shots isn’t the gear; David says it’s your awareness of the present moment. 

Another new addition to the Spot family is the special education class of Silverton High School. Silverton companies have helped us build them a delivery route, and Jake and I met with the students last month, welcoming them to the fold and prepping them for their new job (they already do dogwalking, a little doggie daycare, and make/sell treats toward building their vocational and life skills). This adds another wonderful new room to Spot’s House.

The kids have been busy with homework that their teacher Mary Rankin developed around the magazine, and in the weeks and months ahead they’ll be sharing with us their notes and photos, stories and ideas.

We’re delighted to welcome these kids and their teacher and aids, and eager to follow the adventures to come! I love powerful models like this: proof that it takes so little for so many to connect, learn and thrive. Growing our communities takes a little effort, sure, but the rewards are far greater.

Please welcome the class of Silverton High School! To the Silverton businesses who’ve welcomed the kids, and allowed us to make Spot available to their guests and customers, Thank you! — They are: Silverton Fitness, LePooch Grooming, The Oregon Garden, Silvercreek Animal Hospital, Silverton Public Library, Silverton Senior Center and Wilco.

Come hang out at Spot’s House! We want to show off our latest additions (plus we love hanging out with you!).

A final, quick note: we’re now busy preparing for the Top Dog Awards. If you get a call from Spot in the weeks ahead, and we’re speaking in hushed tones, you’ll know you’ve won. A great deal of prep precedes the awards celebration in January, and it has begun. Thanks to all who voted (you TRIPLED last year’s vote count!), and for all you winners: talk to you soon. ‘ )

Yours in everything pet,