A very good year

Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

December has always been for me a time to reflect on the happenings of the year ending, and at the same time to dream a little dream for the new one just beginning.

2010 was amazing for Spot in so many ways. On the heels of a VERY difficult ’09, it was a brilliant surprise to wrap the year with a very successful Top Dog Awards event and a rockin’ “Best in the Biz” directory. Altogether it felt like what I would imagine it feels like to collapse after blasting through the tape of a scrappy marathon — legs on fire, eyes tearing, and a heart and mind stunned at the breathtaking realization: We Made It!

Soon we segued into a year of huge growth and change. Among the victories this year: In October, Spot’s website chalked up over 10,000 hits in one month (beautifully capping its first year), our new Spot to the Rescue page on Facebook took off with a vengeance, our ‘new kids on the block’ in Silverton made a great addition to the crew, and several new partnerships helped make a dent in the matter of spay/neuter. Not a bad year-end report!

We’ll put this one in the cellar with a pretty label that reads; “a very good year.”

As I write to you today I’m taking care not to launch into a tangent about new projects on the boards. 2011 hasn’t even begun, and already the roster is fat with new developments, programs, and partnerships. You’ll hear about them soon, but for now I’ll just tell you: 2011 is going to be amazing!

All my love and appreciation to you, our many dear friends, readers, and partners in animal welfare and the pet biz. This adventure has been grand, relentlessly educational, challenging, and above all, a Work of Heart. Thank you!

I wish you holidays filled with love, comfort and joy. And, of course, the gift of the precious animals we get to share it with.

Yours in everything pet,