Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

It’s been really busy and fun around here lately. After the year we just survived (yes the economy seriously slapped this puppy around, just like everyone else) it feels good just to still be here!

Even better, so much is coming into bloom! Great new programs like Spot Walks (fitness just got more fun . . . and purposeful, and we’re doing it together!), our rescue efforts are becoming more focused and defined, the stories and phenomenal people coming to us are breathtaking, and a bunch of great events in May gave us time with many of our treasured friends.

Good times . . . I love this work!

I am constantly amazed and proud of the rock stars tackling the issues so many companion animals face. Kermit the Frog says, “It’s not easy being green,” but for animals everywhere, “not easy” ain’t the half of it. For many — especially this time of year when the population explodes — it’s brutal. This just in: In developing countries nine in 10 animals are homeless. In the US it’s one in 10. Both numbers are way too high.

There is hope, thanks to champions like the countless ‘mom-n-pop’ rescues and volunteers, folks at OHS, Greenhill, Multnomah, Marion and Clackamas County shelters (to name just a few), Safehaven, Bonnie Hays, Willamette and SW Washington Humane Societies, Save The Pets, Family Dogs New Life, Senior Dog and North Star Rescues, Fences for Fido, and those angels who fly solo but STRONG: Angela Adams, Serena S, Vanessa S, and the list goes on.

Thank God for “monsters” like these who work tirelessly for animals in need — AWESOME human beings.

* * *

A recent development in the pet food biz reminded us of the vital importance of knowing how to make good choices. Good food is perhaps THE most important factor in promoting health and longevity, so we asked our friends at Solid Gold Northwest, makers of really good food, for tips on choosing well. Please take a look at their recommendations — they’re short and sweet and easy to apply, and so important.

* * *

Did you know Spot has a “nonprofit” side? Always has, and lately, it’s been gaining momentum. A little dream of mine on “that side” is building a rescue network — identifying and maximizing existing resources while eliminating redundancy. The ultimate goal: to save money, time, and MORE LIVES.

If you have a heart for helping animals and would like to join the effort, please let me know. Like many of our friends, we’re in the business of saving lives. And like all big things, the magic is in the smallest details — the phone calls, transport, emails. It all adds up, and each piece is priceless. If you’d like to help, you’re a champion already. And you’ll be amazed how big and rich life can get when you apply your time, talents and energy to meaningful work.

I promise too, you’ll love the company — almost as much as the experience of seeing a precious baby home safely. Call me! You can save lives, too.

Yours in everything pet,