Summer. Starts. Now.

Jennifer McCammon with JackI can’t ever remember a so-called spring/summer like we’ve endured this year. And I really can’t EVER remember the weather (this time of year) having the impact it has on people since . . . what, April? The grumps and grumbles have been remarkable, but of course so has this RAIN! Ick!

So let’s all take a moment and make a communal gesture toward summer . . . the real stuff. Sizzlin’ days, balmy evenings, and if we’re going to do this at all, let’s give it our all: I vote we bring in summer weather and just keep it around a little longer . . . say through November? All in favor, say AYE!!!

Alright. Now that that’s settled and we’re sure to be walking on sunshine this month, let’s take a look at the very fitting event roster. We’ve got a bunch of perfectly rockin’ outings on tap, just in time for this belated arrival of summer daze! 

A new event we’re especially excited about is Spot Walks. They get underway with the first event July 24th at noon with “Diamonds in the Pearl,” a little a jaunt through the Pearl District promising a little history, a little sight-seeing, great company and tons of fun! Led by one of our favorite dynamic divas of the Pearl, LeRae Hunt, Dogwalker extraordinaire and proprietor of Recess in the Pearl, she’s lending her joi d’ vivre and sass to our first outing, taking us on a fun stroll to our final destination, Sniff Dog Hotel, where walkers will enjoy complimentary treats and tours if they like at the newest pet destination in the Pearl.

 If you’re not signed up for Spot Walks yet, contact, and she’ll get you situated. You can pick up your T-shirt and PETometer at the walk, and get right in step with the fun! One thing about Spot events and outings: we always have a great time! And we’d love to have you with us. 

Jake proudly wears his PETometerA second walk is happening July 31st, when our friends at Multnomah County Animal Services will be celebrating their annual Animal House Toga Party & Adoptathon in Troutdale. This one will be an evening walk, starting at 7pm, and our guest Dogwalker, Alison Eberhard of Alison’s Dog Training and Dog Scout Troop 192, has some unique, very fun “extras” planned for our twilight adventure. Plus, after our Spot Walk, we can jump right into the fun of the Toga Party, complete with live music, food, and fun activities. If you’ve been considering adding another little walker to your brood, this is your night! Either way, come out and play!

* * *

So the one other thing (among several) buzzing right now is Spots’ involvement in rescue. Little by little we’re working to identify existing resources in hopes of eliminating redundancy and maximizing efficiency. We’re also working to identify areas of unmet need in hopes of getting coverage in place.

What’s thrilling is that day by day, call by call, message by message, it seems to be taking on a life of its own. Folks have stepped up to help with what I think of as Spot’s little safety net in the making. We’ve got a fleet coming together of folks willing/able to transport animals — usually out of circumstances they need to be pulled from and into proper, loving care. One woman let us know she’s a bottle feeder; others are stepping up, indicating the specific ways in which they might help — and also what their limitations are, which is just as important.

Please allow me to continue to talk with you about this effort and how it’s growing. Rescue and spay/neuter (the latter really getting to the core issue: overpopulation of unwanted animals strains EVERY support system) are the greatest needs for homeless animals, and I’m convinced that together we can make a difference. I’ve always been a pretty patient, long-term builder, and I’m pleased to see this area beginning to take on a life of its own.

If you have a heart for helping animals, please let me know. Contributions of time, transport, food, phone calls, emails . . . all matter very much, are hugely appreciated, and each in their own way go a long way toward saving lives. And isn’t just one worth everything we’ve got?

Yours in everything pet,