Good times

Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

What a season!

Since Spring it feels like we’ve transitioned from walking through mud to flying like the wind! So often when I meet you here I have so much to tell you I’m bursting to share! 

First, thanks everyone for a great Hot Dogs, Cool Pups event presented by Save The Pets in Eugene last month. What a blast! It was great to see everyone, it was a perfect day at Alton Baker Park, and the event was a great success. Great job you guys! 

As we move into September there are many ways to revel in the last days of summer warmth and sunshine. 

Those of you in the Portland area, please come out 1st Thursday Sept. 2 for our first Spot Walk, “Diamonds in the Pearl.” The Tshirts and PETometers are ready, a fun, scenic walk will be led by our great friend and guest Dogwalker, LeRae Hunt of Recess in the Pearl, and the mile-or-so jaunt will land us right in the thick of Sniff Dog Hotel’s grand opening festivities (check out their story this issue). These kids have got it goin’ on, and the evening promises to be a blast. 

Once enrolled in Spot Walks, you’ll get news, tips and alerts about upcoming events, plus access to great individual walking plans we’re developing with the help of our sponsors. Spot Walks are just rolling out, and you’ll want to be a part of the hottest new meetup in town!  

Click here to see August's entriesAnother great program in motion is Pet Photography with the talented David Childs. Haven’t checked it out? Jump in any time — we’ve saved you a seat! David’s got the inside track on the tricks of the trade, and he loves to share. Best of all, he understands that you don’t have to have million-dollar gear to capture priceless shots . . . the power is in the hands of the shooter, and his/her understanding of light, motion, and heart. Aspiring shutterbugs of all experience levels who want to learn to create great photos have a golden opportunity right now to study with this gifted, accomplished photographer. Grab your camera (your point-n-shoot will do just fine) and join the fun! 

Those of you who really know the Spot crew know we love being in the kitchen . . . always cooking up something new and fun, usually designed to make a difference in our community. 

This month’s special is the coupon for discounted spay/neuter. Please grab the one inside this issue, use it, or share it with someone whose animal is not fixed. There’s plenty of additional info throughout this issue, so I’ll close on this particular subject with this: Together we can fix this. So, please — let’s.

What I love about Spot’s bent for cookin’ up new things is that most are fun, functional and purpose-filled. We truly love animals (and people!), and we’re fueled with the passion to make a difference. 

If you ever call and find us unavailable, please be patient with us. Rarely does a week go by that we’re not involved in a rescue, or responding to a call for foster care, food or shelter for an animal(s) in immediate need. At the same time, rarely does a weekend pass that Spot’s not on the scene at events, sharing goodies from our amazing clients, sometimes shooting photos, other times just connecting with pets and their peeps. Stop by and say Hi this month at: the Spot Walk and Sniff Dog grand opening Sept. 2, the Westie Walk Sept. 11, and Dogtoberfest Sept. 25. And circle the date for Doggie Palooza Oct. 24! We’ll be conducting our 2011 Cover Model Search, plus two Spot Walks. We love it when we get to hang out with you, so come out and play!

September 2nd at 5:30!Of course you’re busy, too. So remember you can always connect with us online at or on Facebook. These communities are growing too, and the crew is working feverishly to make this “room of our house” as friendly, fun and purpose-filled as when we’re together on the scene.

Oh! I want to share one last story! But I’m out of space (if this were TV or radio, which we also do, I’d say ‘we’re out of time’). THIS is where our online connect shows its worth. Come let me tell you about an exciting new addition to our crew, a Special Ed class in Silverton whose teacher called to get involved. We’re doing it! Fun, purposeful and filled with blessing . . . exactly what we aspire to concoct in “the kitchen.” Meet me at “Behind the scenes with us” at — you’ll love this story! 

As always, thanks so much for being with us in working, learning, and supporting this community we hold so dear . . . pets . . . and their peeps!

Yours in everything pet,