Off we go!

Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

Happy 2011!  I love the energy, hope and promise of new beginnings.  This year I find myself looking back a little, even while dreaming forward.

Together this past year you, Spot, and the animal welfare community have accomplished great things, made amazing new connections, and weathered formidable hardship.  The key word here is weathered. Translated, that means we made it through.  Hanging tough together, never giving up the dream, putting one foot in front of the other . . . we got through these past months in what has been a hugely challenging time for us all.

Here’s to a 2011 we’ll long remember — for all good reasons! 

It’s exciting to move ahead with great additions to our organization that a year ago existed only in our imaginations.  Following are a few of them — projects now in motion that will be fun to watch grow this year, that you might even like to get involved in.  Because so much of what we do involves “cause,” the more the merrier!

Spot to the Rescue.  Megan Mahan launched Spot’s new Spot to the Rescue Facebook page two months ago, and I’m excited to see it grow.  Here you’ll find alerts for needed foster pet parents, transports, forever homes and more, as well as stories of “happily ever after,” and tips and tidbits on topics related to all areas of animal welfare.

Spot’s nonprofit side is now being formalized, which will allow us to pursue projects we’ve been eager to get to.  While somewhat diverse, these efforts are all geared toward helping this community save time and money in rescue, foster care, spay/neuter, adoption, free and low-cost food supply and vet care, and of course, saving more lives. 

Spot’s House. Jake Faris and Vonnie Harris have done great work on our “Spot’s House” website, and plans are many for new additions in the months ahead.  As Spot’s House continues to welcome more visitors, we’re working to ensure you enjoy stopping in often — serving up fresh stories and photos, activities and opportunities to enjoy the company of other animal lovers.

Today, the crew is getting to work on your “Best in the Biz” Pet Directory of 2011 Top Dog Award winners.  We’re delighted that so many of you voted (your votes tripled this year!), and we can’t wait to get you this special edition.  Profiling the best in the pet biz by popular vote in some 40 categories, this is your guide for the best in everything pet — the next best thing to a referral from a trusted friend.

There’s more, but enough for now.  I look forward to hearing from and working with you in 2011, and it’ll be fun months from now to pause and say, “See? Toldja it was gonna be a sweet year!”  Let’s make it so — together.

Here’s to a thriving, fun ‘11!  It’s a huge gift to hear so often how much you love Spot, and I hope you know how much we love you, and serving this amazing community — one in which while we may not agree on everything, we all agree on this:  every animal deserves to be healthy, safe, happy and loved.

Cheers!  The best is yet to come, and I’m so glad we get to discover it together.

Yours in everything pet,