Come, let’s take a peek behind the scenes

Jennifer with Jack

If you’ve ever set out to write about something that really fascinated you then you know firsthand what an organic thing writing tends to be, often taking on a life of its own while the writer simply serves as the conduit.  The same holds true with a magazine:  it has a life — a living, breathing, growing spirit — of its own.

That’s one of many things I really love about my job.  My nature is such that what “feeds” me most is being a part of growing things . . . facilitating, participating and guiding . . . just enough to help the object of my stewardship — be it a project, person, or magazine — get traction and thrive on its own steam, moving and growing in time to its own life force and vision.  While these words may be a little flowery, that’s surely because, in addition to being a force of its own, for me Spot is also very much a work of heart.

Spot’s organic nature is illustrated nicely this issue — through tales by our friends in the biz, shared in ways that take us behind the scenes and allow us to experience extraordinary things through them that we might not otherwise ever get to.

Big thank-yous for these experiences — to Rubi Sullivan, who shares her recent experiences during a stint at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah; to Dr. Lori Gibson, who shares her wisdom and insight into the natural yet never easy experiences that surround end of life situations; and to Meryl Lipman, who delivers a quirky tale about a kitty in her life who proved that yes:  “medical” marijuana can be helpful.

The Northwest pet community is populated with extraordinary creatures, human and otherwise, and it’s my privilege and pleasure to help connect the dots — bringing together those in the business, nonprofit and private sectors — allowing us all to know each other, celebrate the blessings, face the hard things, and work to grow and do purposeful work and enjoy our best lives . . . with our beloved companions. 

Yours in everything pet,