. . . and the winners are

Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

Allow me to introduce your 2011 Top Dog Award winners.  You voted for “the Best in the [pet] Biz” in 28 categories last summer, from attorney to groomer, veterinarian to trainer, and “everything pet” in between.

In this third year of the Top Dog Awards, it was you, our readers, that made it a blowout.  You tripled this year to nearly 1500 voters, and it shows!  As we tabulated the results we quickly realized what a dramatic impact you’d made — bringing new players into the spotlight, new businesses into top position, and generally intensifying the competition in a way that made it so much more exciting (I love nail-biters).

Of course you’ll find too that some of our leaders continue to hold top spots, and that’s really something to be proud of!  You can be sure they are . . . as well as very gratified to receive your esteem.

Inside you’ll find quick features on some of the businesses who made strong showings or remarkable strides this past year  — please take a peek at the stories on Parkway Veterinary Hospital, The Muttley Crew, Multnomah County Animal Services, Stay Pet Hotel and others.

In fact, I hope you’ll peruse through and acquaint yourselves with ALL of the wonderful merchants and practitioners inside.  We’re blessed here in the Northwest to have such a deep, rich field of talent in the animal “arts,” “sciences,” and welfare arenas, and the more you know who/what’s out there, the better equipped you’ll be when a specific need arises in the year ahead. 

This edition is built to pull apart, so at month’s end just peel off the outer pages and keep your 2011 Top Dog Pet Directory in a convenient spot near the phone or computer for handy reference to everything pet in the Northwest.  The Directory will be distributed at pet events all year as well, so come out and play with Spot this season, and grab one for a friend.

Thanks again for voting this year, and many thanks to all the wonderful businesses and practitioners who participated, who support Spot, and who do so much to uplift, enrich and educate our pet-loving community.  A pat on the back and a great big round of applause to you, winners all!

Yours in everything pet,