Everyone has a gift

One of the coolest things about being part of Spot is that Spot really is part of.  The crew regularly works with rescues, students, spay/neuter orgs, events, fledging pet concerns, and of course you, the public — providing referrals for a variety of pet needs — from health concerns to lost pets, grief support to finding a new best friend.

Of course all of this involves engaging with folks active in every aspect of life with pets.  They are some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet.  And we want you to meet them all — our “Monsters” (my fav description for those who are HUGE in their gifts and talents . . . and their generosity with them), and we’re seeing to it that you do.

A few who immediately come to mind when I think of A-Team players . . . Angela Adams of Born Again Pit Bull Rescue . . . Cherie DeLorme of the Muddy Puddle . . .

Barbara Bobbi Roach of Prudential Realty and Oregon Dog Rescue . . . Serena the Queen of All Things Cat . . . . 

The reason these names come so quickly to mind is the level of dedication, magnitude of effort, and the ginormous measure of heart and smarts these folks all demonstrate, in so many ways, day after day.

I’m excited for you to get a peek into the lives of some of the amazing human beings we have the honor and pleasure of knowing.  People who give and give and give . . . working to make a dent in the huge need of homeless, abandoned and abused animals.  I’m also hoping that as you get acquainted you might be moved to join in. 

Everyone has their own unique gifts, strengths, and abilities.  And that means each of us can do something to help.  The good news is, EVERY BIT counts.  Money.  Time — sending emails, answering phones, creating newsletters, addressing envelopes.  Helping at free/low-coast clinics and food banks.  Donating grooming services to help a lovebug get adopted.  Visiting to walk or socialize shelter animals (again upping their appeal to prospective adopters).  It all matters.  Don’t mean to “soapbox” you; I just can’t overstate the importance of every piece of the puzzle — and there are a million of them — representing countless ways and opportunities to help.  You needn’t be a hero in a grand way to truly BE a hero.  Just give.  That’s heroic.

Special thanks to those I mentioned earlier — for their tireless efforts, dedication and love.  And thanks to all of you who help — happily, there are many of you!  You, who phonaed in for a friend in need, you who transported a neighbor’s pet to get fixed (saving potentially unwanted babies); you who gave time, money . . . even you who attend area events (we’re kicking off the season, people, so come out and play!); which support the organizations serving companion animals in myriad ways.

If you’ve got a little time and a desire to make a difference, you can.  If you’d like a few suggestions to explore, please call or email any of us at Spot (see page 4 for our contact info), or visit Spot to the Rescue on Facebook.

The need is high, but so is our power when we work together.  And if you’re looking for a little excitement in life . . . come and get it!

Yours in everything pet,