What a season!

Jennifer with JackI was going to say summer, but . . . whatever!  Here we are in the Northwest, a bunch of outdoor-, fun- and animal-loving people, all keeping our chins and whiskers up, even in the face of hitting 80 degrees on only four occasions this summer.  Good thing we’re good natured!

And weather or not, the event season has been extraordinary so far this year, with many new hearts and faces joining the fray, and much good accomplished on behalf of the animals and those working on their behalf.  It’s been incredibly busy, but also very rewarding, not to mention educational. 

Spot presented a first-of-its-kind event July 30th — Shine with Spot featuring “Making Social Media Work for You.”  Along with our great partners and contributors, this was our way of presenting a great gift of education to our community, wrapped in a memorable afternoon and building in a boost for The Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund

This month the fun continues, as does the “beach book” reading inside this issue.  Around here we like it best when the adventure includes learning, growing and fun, and this month is rich with opportunity for all of it.  And just as beach reading should be, this issue is packed with great stuff that’s light and easy.

For details on pet-related happenings in the Northwest, tune into 98.1 fm radio Thursdays at 6:05pm, when Spot’s Furry FunPlanner report highlights fun and learning for you and your pets for the coming week/weekend.  Other great resources for deets on the fly include Spot and Spot to the Rescue on Facebook, and Spot’s monthly eNews (email Vonnie@SpotMagazine.net to subscribe).

We’re working to keep pet happenings at your fingertips, so you and your best friend can enjoy this amazing community, and also so we can have the pleasure of your company! 

Yours in everything pet,